Stolpern Sie durch Hölle

The title means "Do you stumble through hell" its one terrific map. Has a ton of detail, and looks like 10 tons of fun. Download it now and...


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The title means "Do you stumble through hell" its one terrific map. Has a ton of detail, and looks like 10 tons of fun. Download it now and experience this greatly designed map :rock:

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Download '' (4.53MB)

their creators can be found in the credits section).

************************** Index *****************************

- To install the map, open up the zip file ( that you have
  already managed if you are reading this ) put the file
  user-SS_obj_SSDH.pk3 into your /main

- To UN-install the map, remove the
  file user-SS_obj_SSDH.pk3 from your
  /main directory.

************************* Map Data ***************************

Map name      : SSDH
Map type      : Multiplayer objective
Game support  : Medal Of Honor Allied Assault
Version       : 1.2
Release date  : 06/7/04
Map designer  : SolidScope
Beta test crew: SolidScope, Stealth, Slaya

******************* What You Need To Know ********************

- Allies can blow up Axis campers if there are gas barrels

- There are two objectives:
1) Blow up a COntrol Panel
2) Steal the documents

- There's almost always more than one way to a place.

****************** Reporting an Error ************************

- To report errors in this map (something I would like a lot),
  make a screenshot by pressing F12 and send it to me with a
  description of the error to the address below.

************************ Contact *****************************

mailto: [email protected]

************************ Copyright ***************************

- You MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional
  levels without explicit permission of the author.
- Also, this level MAY NOT be used for any kind of commercial
  product of any kind without written authorization from the
- You MAY distribute this map as long as you include this
  file, intact, in the original archive.
- You MAY download this map and run it on a public server
  as long as you send the author an e-mail about it.
- You may use any resources from this map (scripts, shaders
  textures) as long as you give the author due credit.

*********************** Credits ******************************

- Prefabs (found at
Crates - By: CptPennybags
Barrel of Gas - By: CptPennybags
Barrel of oil - By: CptPennybags
Round set stairs - By: Alexander
Double staircase - By: Bitte Meldon
cement stairs - By: Bitte Meldon
Tunnel with Ladder - By: Obersturmfuhrer
Electronics - By: ShizaeSpe
Bunker Barraks Prefab - By: [MC] Disgruntled Goat

- Thanks to .map and Nemesis for their excellent tutorials
which helped me all the way through this map.
Nemesis' site:
.map's site  :

- Thanks to clan [BASHYOU], Slaya, and Stealth for ideas and testing.

- Thanks to BirdsofaFeather for helping with the scripting -A LOT-

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