The Great Escape

This is an update of the map The great escape that fixes some bugs!


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This is an update of the map The great escape that fixes some bugs!

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                                  The Great Escape V 0.2

Map: Robin Doak (Vassili_Zaitsev)

Script: Robin Doak (Vassili_Zaitsev)

creator:-  yet again Robin Doak (Vassili_Zaitsev)

This map is for "Medal Of Honor Allied Assault"


To install place the Pk3 file into your mohaa main folder 

example: C:/Program Files/Ea Games/Mohaa/Main

This version is the fixed version. because the version 0.1 had some unknown bugs. this has now been delt with, and tested. 
The results of the test where good. yay :)

At long last someone has finely made the great escape map. for me to creat this map i had to watch that movie nearly 20 times lol.
everythin has been done to scale. but most of the textures, models and loads more goodies will be Updated and added in v0.2.

yes the word that all mappers fear. Bugs!!!!

the tunnel cart has only a single bug. when using the tunnel cart and have reached the end you must step of the track or you will be brought back when the cart dose. this is due to an invisable brush that is needed to make the cart go up and down. lol hopefully i will find out how to fix it.

Hello again.

This map is based on the Movie and Real life events. this is the first release of 
"The Great escape" the next version will be an objective. The Objective will involve bots that will not harm you if you are inside the P.O.W. compound. your mission will involve escaping the P.O.W. camp. also you will be spawned into the map as an allie with no weapon.

The Great Escape History and The Movie

"Locked behind barbed wire, the men who lived The Great Escape tunneled their way toward freedom with nothing but guts, perseverance and ingenuity. With only their bare hands and the crudest of homemade tools, they sank shafts, built underground railroads, forged passports, drew maps, faked weapons and tailored German uniforms and civilian clothes. They developed a fantastic security system to protect themselves from the German "ferrets" who prowled the compounds with nerve-wracking tenacity and suspicion. It was a split-second operation as delicate and as deadly as a time bomb. It demanded the concentrated devotion and vigilance of more than 600 men -- every single one of them, every minute, every hour, every day and every night for more than a year. Never has the human capacity been stretched to such incredible lengths or shown with as much determination and courage." 

The Great Escape is a true story of one of the greatest mass POW escapes of World War II. The majority of the movie takes place at Stalag Luft III, a German prisoner of war camp. The camp has been built for Allied airmen captured in World War II and is supposed to be more secure than other prison camps. The prisoners consist mainly of British pilots with a few American officers mixed in. As the officers arrive at the prison camp, they begin to familiarize themselves with their surroundings. The camp consists of a small jail called the cooler, several watchtowers, many barracks, and the Germansí offices.
The whole reason for the mass escape is to cause a distraction for the German Army. The prisoners want to force the Germans to come and look for them across the country so that the Germans cannot go and fight at the front line. The plan for the escape is a long and strenuous process. The officer in charge of the escape, Bartlett, calls a meeting with many of the other prisoners to plot the escape. They decide that three tunnels, code named 'Tom, Dick and Harry', will be built simultaneously. One tunnel is to begin under a drain in the showers, another under a stove in a barrack, and the last one is built under the floorboards of another barrack.

The effort that they put into the preparations is heroic. Civilian clothes are manufactured, IDs and travel permits are forged, maps, compasses and all manner of other supplies are made. The tunnels themselves are engineering marvels. And all this is done under the nose of the watchful and suspicious Germans.

When escape time finally comes, the beginnings of more than 200 prisoners gather in the barrack to escape through the tunnel. Unfortunately, the tunnel turns out to be about 20 feet short of the covering woods. They have to 'pop out' of the exit just as the sentry has his back turned. As the escape progresses, there is an air raid that helps, since the Germans have to black out the camp. During this time, several more men move rapidly out of the tunnel. As one of the men gets out of the tunnel, he drops a briefcase causing the officer on the other side of the wire to see the men escaping. Some of the men run and escape into the woods and some of the men get caught.

Once the escapers get into various towns, they all find different ways to get around. Hilts steals a Germanís motorcycle and takes his uniform also. Bartlett and MacDonald use fake IDís to get on a train that is patrolled by Germans. Hendley and Blythe jump on a train. Later they jump off near a German air base. They steal a plane, but eventually it crashes. Blythe is shot after the crash and Hendley is brought back to the prison camp. Sedgwick escapes to Spain with the help of the French Resistance. Hilts is caught and returned to the cooler.

The German Gestapo retaliates for the escape by transporting 50 of the recaptured POWs to an open field and executing them.


Ok this map has the folowing Features:-

prisioner Shalet.
officer shalet.
Garden area LOL :).
Guard Towers.
Kill Zone "an area around the camp which a prisioner cannot step into. if he dose he will get shot."
german commandant's House.
Tunnel "TOM".
Kitchen Mess-hall and theater combined.

And That is it for now

V2.0 will be released in the next month or two. 

V2.0 features are:-

Bot's added.
Heavy duty Script work.
Textures updated.
Custom Sound's added.
Custom Loading screen Fix.

And much much more. i will explain the other features in the v2.0 readme.

well thats it from me. 

please visit my site if you wish to ask any questions or have any requests for a map.

Map: Robin L Doak

Scripts:- Robin L Doak

Custom Textures:-Robin L Doak.

Origenal Textures:- Ea Games and 2015.


This map is copyright© by Robin L Doak

You may not edit this map or will ever you get permission to edit this map. i spent to many months making this and dont want my work stolen!!! BUT i can still edit it..because it is mine hahahaha. so if you feel this map lacks somthin please e-mail me and i would be glad to edit it for you. :)

If you got this map anywhere than or  please contact me Emeditly and provide details of where you download this map. 

please contact me at one of the following E-Mail addresses :-
**************************************************************       <------------Mostly used e-mail address

Enjoy :)

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