This is a modified Soviet Handgun.

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It is a  heavily modified Colt 45 looks like a Soviet Tokarev handgun. Tokarev is a real handgun manufacturers brand. You can move faster with this one. Damage power is more than Colt. Firing sound is very loud. Empty shell case sound mod is also included.
Also you can install "Tokarev for axis.pk3" file that replaces P 38 Handgun with Tokarev for Axis players.[install and uninstall are same.]
Do not forget to delete other Colt skins, pistol mods, sound and hud mods.

install: copy .pk3 file(s) under Mohaa/main folder.
uninstall: delete .pk3 file(s).

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My other Heavily Modified Mohaa weapons are:

-XMP 70 Mk II
-XtG 50 NSDAP	
-West Point Garand
-Ubersoldat Kar98 Sniper
-Soviet SMG
-Storm Gun StG44
-Spec Ops Springfield

-ZNV Light Scopes
-Tracer Smoke for Bazookas

[ Do not distribute my files without written permission.]

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