Total Clean Mod



Here is a nice server side mod.

The maps for all the DM games (dm1/dm2/dm3/dm4/dm5/dm6/dm7) have been remodded, new objects, vehicles and Items have been added to the maps, some weapons have been removed, there is also a new feature for the snipers :)

Check out the read me for full instructions and info, there is also included in this file, the anti camp and anti spawn killers pk3's

Go check it out and see what you think.



=[TkD]=TripleSpeed955 & =[TkD]=Caronte Total Clean Mod v1.1
Neaples, Italy 01/09/2006

How To Install
Copy Total_Clean_Mod_v1.1.pk3 in your mohaa/main folder

To Uninstall
Delete Total_Clean_Mod_v1.1 File from your mohaa/main folder

General Description

1. Remodded all the maps for the Death Match (dm1/dm2/dm3/dm4/dm5/dm6/dm7) 
2. Inserted new objects, vehicles and Items in the maps (see the shooty)
3. Eliminated from the game all the 
   Noob weaps (Bazooka/Panzer/Nade/Shotgun)
4. CKR 1.1 (Custom Sniper zooming, and start ammo)
5. New surveillances for the snipers
6. Remodded Player Movements (Very Really in this modification)

For the more demanding Servers administrators in 
this pack I have included three any files:

1. zzz_No_Camping.pk3 - AntiCamper Mod
1. TripleSpeed955_Anti_SpawnKiller.pk3 - AntiSpawnkiller mod
1. zzz_Custom_CKR_1.1 - Modded weapons CKR Based (The Same weaps 
   modded in the rows main)

To Install
Copy the files in your mohaa/main folder

To Uninstall
Delete the Files from your mohaa/main folder

Good Fun

=[TkD]=TripleSpeed955 & =[TkD]=Caronte
Italy, Neaples

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