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Personly I dont see the point in people sending these in. Id rather see people sending in proper mods, not stuff that can be made in 5 mins.

(no affence {ToXic}{Pvt}DF_iceman1)

---- Creator {ToXic}{Pvt}DF_iceman1 ----

Included in email:

This is a first born version of the Free Beer Tomorrow weapon mods that u will find on their server. If u want this mod to work perfectly, making the rifles fully semi-auto, u should download Flackrider's Balanced Weapon mod at moh.filefront.com. Thanks.




This is the first born version of realism that {ToXic}{Pvt}DF_iceman1 ever created.
THis is no the first realism ever built for the clan.


All weapons now have silenced pistoles.
The shotgun has double distance but less ammo to start with.  
Every pistol (accept Weblys Revolver) has 7 bullets per clip.
All bolt action rifles are now semi-auto or should be.
Pistols and some other weapons now have more ammo to start with (pistols have more than 150 bullets to start with).
All weapons now carry 4 frag grenades and 4 smoke grenades.


Put the .pk3 file into the mainta folder.

Copyright Date:

Copyright August 8th, 2003 Indiana, USA.

I hope you enjoy this realism mod. Thank you for downloading it.

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