Train to Hell Spearhead/Breakthrough version

This a Train to Hell map version that work with SH and BT.


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This a Train to Hell map version that work with SH and BT.

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Train to Hell Spearhead/Breakthrough version (and it still works on the AA version too)

Map name: Train to Hell.
Creators: At0miC & Tltrude.
Modified for SH/BT: Grassy

Map type: TDM
Original version release: October, 2004
Modified version release: March, 2005


Put the train_to_hell_sh-bt.pk3 into your ea games/mohaa/main folder.

Remove the train_to_hell_sh-bt.pk3 from your ea games/mohaa/main folder.


About the map,

It features a new technique, a scrolling scenery with moving objects.
It has custom sounds and modified textures.
You are fighting on a moving train, allied intruders in the back of the train
and axis in the front side.
There are just 2 ways to go, forward, or backwards. Very nice with 12 to 16 players,
but it also works fine with 2 players.

Be alert, don't make a wrong step or you will become under the train. Watch out
for low bridges and tunnels when you are standing on the roof.


Tim "At0miC" Verbeek
Tom "Tltrude" Trude
and "Grassy" for making this map compatable for Spearhead and Breakthrough

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