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This is an avatar pack made to keep up interest in our total conversion mod - The Trench Rats, based on WWI trench warfare (www.warwickmedia...


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This is an avatar pack made to keep up interest in our total conversion mod - The Trench Rats, based on WWI trench warfare ( It contains a selection of national flags of the time with different pk3 packs for different historical engagements during The First World War. Also enclosed is the sample screenshot, the readme has more indepth info. There are two versions of the file and I have enclosed both, one is a zip file and the other is an exe file. Included in both are a selection of different campaign sets with different allied and axis avatars (For example, the Somme/Ypres file pk3 features Imperial German Axis and British Allied), to use a specific avatar set just put the relevant pk3 file in your Medal of Honor Allied Assault\main folder and off you go. Make sure you don't put more than one in at a time though, and don't run it with any other avatar packs. When you want to change your avatars, just remove the previous campaign pk3 and try a new one.

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Download 'the_trench_rats_wwi_avatar_pack_(v1.2).zip' (49KB)

Trench Rats WWI Avatar Pack (v1.2) by Sgt Gimp
exe installer created by mindvision configed for avatar pack by Tanner(

This version of the Trench Rats Avatar Pack includes support for the following actions -

The Eastern Front (17 August 1914 - March 3 1918)
Imperial Russia against Germany/Austro-Hungary

First Battle of Ypres (Begun 14 October 1914) - 
France/Belgium/Britain against Germany

The Palestine Front (Begun 3 February 1915) -
Britain (and Commonwelth Forces) against The Ottaman Empire (Turkey)

The Gallipoli Front (19 February - 18 December 1915)
Australia (& New Zealand) against The Ottaman Empire (Turkey)

Second Battle of Ypres (Begun 22 April 1915) - 
Britain/Canada against Germany
(Canada uses CEF Badge, no maple leaves back in 1915)

The Italian Front (Mostly at Isonzo, Begun 23 June 1915) -
Italy against The Austro-Hungarian Empire

Battle of The Somme (Begun 1 July 1916) -
Britain (and Commonwealth Forces) against Germany

Third Battle of Ypres (Battle of Passchendaele) (Begun 31 July 1917) - 
Britain (and Commonwealth Forces) against Germany

"The Yanks are Coming" - Battle of Cantigny (Begun 28 May 1918) -
USA (Though the French were at this battle also) against Germany

*First side is allied team, second is axis

At the current stage of planning these are the only battles to be covered by The Trench Rats mod but who knows.  Also I realise many other countries were involved and if your country does not appear then I appologise now, though i will hopefully produce more of these as time goes by...


Put the pk3 of the campaign you would like to use for your avatars in your MOHAA/main folder, only use one or bad stuff probably happens.  To uninstall just remove the pk3 and maybe try a different one...  easy hmm?


v1.0 (25/7/02)
Four Initial Avatar Packs for the three fields of battle featured in The initial release of The Trench Rats Mod.

Ypres I	 			- 		France 		/	Germany
Ypres I 			- 		Belgium		/	Germany
Ypres/Somme 			- 		British Empire	/	Germany
Gallipoli			-		Australia	/	Ottaman Empire

v1.1 (27/7/02)
Added support for the Italian front, though not featured in the initial release of The Trench Rats, I felt it important not to neglect the sacrafices these two countries made during the war.

The Italian Front		-		Italy		/	Austro-Hungarian Empire
The Palestine Front 		-		British Empire	/	Ottaman Empire
"The Yanks are Coming"		-		USA		/	Germany

v1.2 (28/7/02)
Produced a Canadian avatar based on a CEF (Canadian Expiditionary Force) badge because i thought they should have their own avatar even if they didn't have their own flag.  Also added support for The Eastern (Russian) Front though I'm not sure if I will change the flag or not.

The Eastern Front		-		Russia		/	Germany
The Eastern Front		-		Russia		/	Austro-Hungarian Empire
Ypres II			-		Canada		/	Germany

Future Versions
I have made avatars for the countries listed below, they will be added as soon as I work out exactly what they did.  I may also change the Russian avatar if I find a version of their flag I like better...  I am also going to create some flags for more commonwealth forces so as not to neglect them.

Allied Powers-

Central Powers-
(I have also made a nice Prussian avatar)

I hope you enjoy using them as it would be a pity if i spent time making them for you to think they suck.  If you have any comments / suggestions / abuse / praise / cash to offer, feel free to e-mail me at  And support the Trench Rats mod.

Um, also please ask me if you wish to use this mod or any of the components for anything else other than your own personal use and if you want to distribute it on your website or something.  If you don't I'll hunt you down like the dog you are and bludgeon you to death with a blunt object of my choice...  There should be more legal stuff here but basically this belongs to me (or perhaps EA, i don't know) so don't nick it.  please.

Thank you to all The Trench Rats but in particular Tanner and Stu.

Trench Rats Mod -

E-Mail trenchrats-
E-Mail Sgt Gimp -

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