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This is the updated version of Uncle Bobs IP List, this version now works for MoHAA. Check out the screen shots.


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This is the updated version of Uncle Bobs IP List, this version now works for MoHAA. Check out the screen shots.

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	unclebob 			Milwaukee, WI			03/11/2006		

	Hello all UB here & I got a useful tool for you! It Slices It Dices ........   
Yeah well ok maybe not but it works with MOH SH & BT And is a seprate version for MOHAA
Its a quick server load menu, & Reconnect button with password option for locked servers.

Huh you say well check out the screenshots & check out the file if you still don’t get it.

IP List has server's I play on & my test server listed at the bottom (test server is rarely on & switches between SH & BT)

Before anyone starts crying, The reconnect button is someone else’s idea I just made it better by adding the password option & getting it to 
work on the Server Full screen. Was some other adjustments too. I can’t find the original ReadMe so shout out if you know who is to blame.

After you have Downloaded this file & unzipped it you will find your self reading this I hope, If not you most likely don’t have a clue what your 
looking at & will fumble around in the files till they are corrupted & you will need to re download the file. (be sure to save your self the headache & erase the 1st one you corrupted)  OK!
So I have changed it up a bit for those that don’t know how to open .pk3 files by giving you the files in a open format. So hopefully you know how to zip files  other wise your boned GIVE UP NOW.

Open the folder for the version of MOH you need the IP LIST for (AA or SH BT) 
To start copy the folder to your desktop. THAT WAS COPY NOT CUT!

In the folder you will find 2 folders named Textures, & UI. 
I will give you a hit what’s in the textures folder?
The UI folder contains 7 .urc files. main & multiplayer are all you need to work with the others are preset, there is nothing you should need to change in them!!!!!!
Now go to the main.urc file & open it with a text editor. Scroll to the bottom of the file & you will see the following info:

title "                              "
name "Default"
rect 260 448 160 24
fgcolor 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00
bgcolor 0.50 0.50 0.50 0.00
borderstyle "NONE"
clicksound "sound/menu/apply.wav"
addpopup "                              " "OPEN" command "connect"
addpopup "                              " "OPEN" command "connect"
addpopup "                              " "OPEN" command "connect"
addpopup "                              " "OPEN" command "connect"
addpopup "                              " "OPEN" command "connect"
addpopup "                              " "OPEN" command "connect"
addpopup "                              " "OPEN" command "connect"
addpopup "                              " "OPEN" command "connect"
addpopup "                              " "OPEN" command "connect"

Edit "OPEN" to reference the name for the server you want to add. Be sure NOT to lose the " or the file will be corrupt.
Edit "connect" to the IP address for the server you just named to this line be sure to keep the . between the IP #'s & the space between connect
& the " 
Do NOT adjust any of the spacing of the blank areas that would be bad!!!

OK again your almost there now select the edited version of the list & copy it, NOT the whole file just the 5 or 10 lines you just edited.
open the multiplayer.urc file page down to the bottom. paste over the OPEN info & your ready to SAVE!!!!! hit SAVE!!!!! & close out to the Folder for the 
version your working on were you see the UI & Texture folder select both & zip them. Be sure you change the name or it will just be a zip file!!!  ( user_IPlist.pk3 )  
And of course add .pk3 on the end of the name or MOH won't even know the file is there.

If I seem a bit direct don’t be offended I just want to be as clear as possible so you can make this file work for you. I can’t tell you how many MODs I have D/L only to find the readme to be nonsensical at best with little or no useful info.   

 I put a button bottom center of the screen in main game lobby & the multi player lobby (IP List) this gives you a pop up menu with BMG (BT),  
TWL (SH), Flatliners(SH), & NDE rifle OBJ(SH) server all ready to go just click on the name & your on the way!
plus there are openings for other servers & the list can be larger if you want!

The Allied Assault version is all open as I havent played AA in years.

Now I also added a easy reconnect button to the disconnected from server, server full, & all those types of screens (bottom center again)

Plus there is a white text box to type a password in if the server is locked that way you don’t need to open the console 
(You need to know the password for the server to use this option)
!!!!! Be sure to hit ENTER after typing the password in or it won't take !!!!!!
After you type the password & hit Enter then hit the reconnect button & you’re on your way 
No more fumbling in the console! Or searching for IP numbers

!!!!! Warning!!!!!!
Changing the IP List well it is still in a .pk3 will corrupt the file so don’t do it!

This is as always freeware so have fun but if it goes bad & the magic smoke comes out Don't even try to blame me. 
after all I'm broke!

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