UB Spawn Protect



This little server side mod help you protect the teams against those anoying spawn killers go give it a tru and tell us what you think, Enjoy ;)



	unclebob's spawn protect V1.0	by unclebob	Milwaukee, WI USA		10/17/05

Hello all, I have put together my own spawn protect MOD it may seem similar to other spawn protect MODs except unlike others it dose not have Glitches holes & or ways to exploit the system. At least we haven’t found any to date!! 

Installation:   Works with Spearhead & Breakthrough
Put the file zzzzzzz_UB_SpawnProtectMOD_V1.pk3 into your Mainta or Maintt folder for your server then restart your server. the code is now active on the servers console. But nothing happens? That’s because the MOD uses a activation code. g_pkill 1 for ON g_pkill 0 for OFF you can ether use Rcon or put it in the servers .exec file.    I wouldn’t put it in the .exec!
Anyone that has run a server before should understand how this works!

Features: The spawn Protect give 2 layers of protection! First layer starts at the warning poles and hurts the enemy player that enters the protected area. Then if they continue into the spawn they hit the second layer & DIE!!!!! No running fast enough to get through no going over the defenses it kills the enemy player.
Spawn Poles: are color coded to each side Blue for allied Red for Axis
Warning Message: in the lower left corner tells the players if the Spawn Protect is ON or OFF. Bright Green for ON. Dark Blue for OFF. 
if you don’t want the Dark Blue OFF message on screen all the time you will have to restart your server being sure you don’t have the activation code in your server .exec file!!
Has been tested to work with Foresight V1.5.0 I haven’t tested other anti cheat systems as Foresight is what my clan uses.

This is free to the public & I hold no responsibility for its use or any problems it may cause the MOD & its code that is!

If you do have a problem unclebob@wiDOTrrDOTcom & I will maybe get back to you in a week as I don’t check my email that often.

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