unclebob's Map MOD



A mod that add stuff on stock maps



	by unclebob		Milwaukee, WI		March 15 2005

	So just a basic MOD via map script for a few stock maps!

	These work in SpearHead & Breakthrough! Only Destroyed Village works in allied assault! But I could fix

	the others so they work for allied assault as well if you want it, just email me!

	No known glitches or errors. But as always this is a free MOD & I take no responsibility for any harm or 

	damage that may occur due to this Modification

	[email protected]

	MODed map list

	MOHaa maps:	Southern France, Destroyed Village, Remagen, Crossroads

	MOHsh maps: 	Bahnhof, Brest, Holland, Stadt, Gewitter

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