v2 Rocket Deployment

It's winter, and just stopped snowing. Allies reached the gate of a V2 rocket complex. There are 3 V2 rockets ready to deploy and launch. A...


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It's winter, and just stopped snowing. Allies reached the gate of a V2 rocket complex. There are 3 V2 rockets ready to deploy and launch. At least 2 rockets need to be blown before launch.

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  /=========/////[               ]\\\=========\
/========//////[                   ]\\\========\
\========\\\[     TopTiger      ]//////========/
  \=========\[alibabba999 at hotmail.com]/=========/  
	*******V2 Rocket Deployment*******
    ----->>>>Released: 2 March 2004<<<<-------
      ...;;;:[Gametype = Objective]:;;;...

	 !------>>>>VERSION 2<<<<<------!
		  31 March 2006

Thank you for downloading my map and reading this.

Finally, After two years, a new playable version of this map.

This map was getting more populair in early 2006. I noticed a lot of flaws and I 
decided dig up the map's source from my dusty old files and started changing stuff.
The main thing was to amount of doors, and to many bombs. But with those things, more 
stuff were created an editted to get more gameplay out of this map.

This map is intended to be a tactical 'war' map. All bugs have been removed. Gameplay tweaked to be fair.
And cheating/glitching shouldn't be possible. 

How to install:
put the .pk3 in your mohaa main.(C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\MOHAA\main)
to play: Search for servers with the map or run your own server. map name: obj/v2rd-2

Notes and tips:
For best gameplay on slow machines, lower the settings. Turn of shadows, because it can hurt fps.
If you really have unplayable fps, consider a newer videocard.

Max. players: 30
Objectives: blow 2 out of 3 bombs.

How the bombs work: 3 bombs that are not far from each other. Only 2 of those 3 bombs have to be blown up. 
It doesn't matter which bombs, only 2 of them are enough.
These bomb settings will give a variable gameplay and defence, that should make it more fun. 
This kind of objective isn't used very much. It's a little like the bridge, but in v2rd the bombs are further away.

!=======----- CHANGED in this version-----========!

-place behind rocket fixed
-look through rocket fixed
-shoot through rocket fixed
-texture for locked door fixed
-extra lights 
-removed some doors
-extra clip, +clip on walls.
-clipped minefield
-flying bomb
-misplaced textures
-2 bombs instead of 3!!!!!!!!
-wider halls/doors
-added some crates for allies
-spawn points that were to close
-deleted some detailed stuff from the ceilings
-Rebuild of vis_leafgroup design 
-extra crates
-removed hallways
-new way to the bombs!
-redesigned the stairways
-changed the fueltanks, less triangles.
-placed vent (blowshaft) near the verticle V2, for hiding.
- and a lot of other things
- and more
- and more... really 

A note:
I tested the map for fps, I designed my map to not drop the fps below 100. The avarage on my
gf 6800 videocard is like 160 fps. Lowest: +-110 on rare (outside)parts. highest: doesn't count, goes like 600fps, on a rare central 
part of the map. This is with everything on highest settings.

Other maps by TopTiger:
Bombed village
Railway Assault


don't edit anything in the pk3!
don't edit this readme!
original pk3 size: 2.603 kB

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