val50 high quality texture pack



games, so i have decide to make my own textures convertions mod, with some textures with the some color, the same aspect and the same spirit of the stock one. It was not easy, the floor texture are not finised yet ( they are the same than the other texture conversion) and lots of textures are not remplaced. however, the worstest texture of the original game have been remplace. i have also inclued a 3D sound effect suport (see readme) because original mohaa only alow low quality 2d sound. And finaly, i have inclued a config which bring the best visual quality for mohaa. it's disigned for the peoples who like the original textures(even if there's new one)and who want the best graphics for mohaa.it's only 70mb, everybody can try.It's free to use, enjoyi don't care about creditsWarning! Texture compression must be ENLABED


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