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Alsace: Defeating Operation Nordwind campaign is constructed in two parts. Each part consists of 6 levels, for a total of 12 levels.



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Alsace: Defeating Operation Nordwind campaign is constructed in two parts. Each part consists of 6 levels, for a total of 12 levels.

Part I, Starts in the autumn of 1944, with the Allies counterstrikes beginning in the foothills of the Vosges Mountains, south of Strasbourg. From there, you and your squad will push Northward into Strasbourg itself, liberating the city, and greatly weakening the German position in lower Alsace. As winter approaches, you find yourself reassigned to policing duty in an Allied-held defensive position outside of Bitche, France. This is supposed to be a recuperation period for you to recover from the previous months intense fighting. Supposed to be. Things are not what they seem. You must hold your position and await extraction as the area becomes a hot zone, and you wonder how Allied intelligence could have been so wrong. Winter is fully upon you now as you approach Wingen-sur-Moder, a Nazi occupied area that is key to the Allied strategy. You must take the town and secure safe passage for Allied troops as they push ever Northeastward throug Alsace-Lorraine. Time is short. You have orders to secure Wingen in a day...can you do it? Here ends Part I of Alsace: DON.

Part II continues as winter turns to spring of 1945, as news of German installations scattered throughout the region is discovered. You will be tasked with rescuing hostages, destroying Axis communications, setting up an ambush, infiltrating German positions, destroying Axis Panzer divisions, taking out key enemy officers, securing areas for supply drops, among many other objectives.

Enjoy... ;)

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Download '' (67.72MB)

Alsace - Defeating Operation Nordwind 
7-10-2005 - v 1.1

This pack contains 3 files. 1) This doc (dooh), and the main packs vc_adon_pak0.pk3 and vc_adon_pak1.pk3 

Put both pk3 files in your mohaa/main folder

Fixed in 1.1 version
Neufmaissons II
- Dieter stopped moving at the flakk objective (sometimes)
- Player can fall in lower elevators without gettingo out
- Door near elevators can make Dieter getting stuck
- Glitches in the flakk hall in last left room
- Slow AI reaction when asking papers (easy level only)

Before starting the Campaign

It's recommended to remove other custom files out of your mohaa/main folder. Else you may have the rare occasion that some stuff might not work properly due to filename duplicates.

How to start a custom SP map?

Place your two pk3 in your Mohaa\main folfer
Startup the game and open the console by hitting the ~ key
Enter the "set developer 1" command. This wil enable the maplist
Close the console by hitting the ~key again
The maplist can be found in the brown list located between the dooropening to the briefing room and the dooropening to the multiplayer room
Use the maplist to select and double click on the one you wanna start. Select the alsace_start_here.bsp

You will start with the skill selection map. Choose a level that fits your skills.


Our website
You can check everything about the campaign on
There are also some tuts, maps Crunch and I made earlier and a little forum.
If any fixes will be needed, they will be announced at this site,

Long Island/Pennsylvania (USA) & Amsterdam (Netherlands)
7th October 2005

Crunch & Von

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