Wittman's Weapons Mod



Changes the clip size, rate of fire, damage, bullet spread, and recoil on all weapons except rockets.

Server side only.



This weapons mod changes the clip size, rate of fire, damage , bullet spread , and recoil on all weapons except rockets. It even changes the speed at which you run . The shot-gun recieved a "special" treatment , as the spread remains tight through the same range as the smg's with extremly fast reloading. Damage has been changed on all weapons to make them more even , but , of course , the high-powered weapons still have more . To install , simply place the pk.3 file in your   "program files/EA games/MOHAA/main folder "  . Simply remove it to return to stock weapons . Feel free to play around with the settings ; remember, pk3 files are simply "zip" files, and the enclosed "tik" files can be edited with wordpad . Never try to edit your original game files, as this can lead to heartache .  ... By SS-Col. Wittman.........

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