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Medal of Honor MOH Airborne 1.2 Patch

Hi all, Medal of Honor "Patch 1.2" is ready for downloading:;9254135;/fileinfo.html have fun with the machine_gun, Hamburger_Hill


Medal of Honor Total Assault Beta is out

Total Assault is a mod for Medal of Honor Allied Assault. This project, was born in the Sfx Forums, in which was and its currently developed. This Total Conversion should bring an all out emerging environment to players, thereby stretching the capabilities of the engine to it’s limits ... It is mainly based in Multi Player but ideas for Single Player m...


Medal of Honor Spearhead Demo Patches!

EA has just sent us two patches for the demo. One is a general patch that fixes some server crashes. It can be found in the Spearhead Patches section, and Here The other is a patch to updated the dedicated server launcher. It can be found in the spearhead utilities section, and Here Thats about it. -Madmanfrommars