Medal of Honor

It's D-Day, soldier! Browse and download from the largest collection of mods, maps, skins and gaming files and earn your Medal of Honor.

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Medal of Honor MOHAA-ATHON #8

Hello Everyone !! Have you ever heard of the MOHAA-ATHON ?? If you have then you know how much fun it is!! If you haven't then get ready for the BIGGEST AND BEST MOHAA EVENT EVER!!!! The MOHAA-athon invites friends and strangers, other cheat-free clans and the general public from all over the MOHAA gaming community to an extra-ordinary weekend filled w...


Medal of Honor Forums are Back!

Yay! After Mr Fragland got his problems sorted out, the forums appear to be back :D Though they may go down again, call for the Ghosts busters......or not. get over there my minions!