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Medal of Honor Modtheater & Total Medal of Honor - MOHAA Night #1

Mod Theater and Total Medal of Honor are hosting the first of two Medal of Honor Allied Assault game nights next Friday. Check it out: In the last few weeks the Mod Theater and us here at Total Medal of Honor have been planning to each hold nights to invite our communities to come together for a game of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. We have teame...


Medal of Honor MOHAA-ATHON # 6

The Long Wait Is Over...The MOHAA-ATHON Is Back Again!!!!! I hope you have all had a nice rest on the holidays, cause it's time to get back into MOHAA, with THE BEST & BIGGEST MOHAA EVENT EVER, The MOHAA-ATHON !!!!!!! Proven to be the Premier Party To Be At, It's Definately An Event Not To Be Missed!! Here's the scoop: STARTING ON: FRIDAY JANUARY...


Medal of Honor 2 vs. 2 Tournament! Register Now

A 2vs2 Tournament is to be held on the Server. If you are interested get yourself a partner and register your duo at


Medal of Honor Happy Christmas from the MoHfiles staff


Medal of Honor Need Modding Ideas?

Found a website called 3dCafe. This website has many galleries full of free things that could be used in MOH mods : Model Meshes Textures Sound FX Go ahead and check out those links. Alot of good stuff on that website. If you do decide to use something, make sure to give them credit in your README file. Have fun.