Medal of Honor

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Medal of Honor MOHM Trailer video

Here is the video trailer for MOHM that was released a while back. Easy to watch if you don't have high speed internet to download. Just watch and enjoy.


Medal of Honor Pathfinders : A MoH:A Mini-Series

Machinima: First ones in, last ones out. PATHFINDERS is a six-part machinima series set in the game world of "Medal of Honor Airborne." It follows the elite group of Allied Paratroopers that jump behind enemy lines and clear the way for the rest of the invasion force. Total Airborne: The six...


Medal of Honor Total Airborne on Myspace Add TotalAirborne on myspace here.


Medal of Honor Airborne, 4 New Screens

Worthplaying has managed to get their hands on 4 new screenshots concerning Medal of Honor Airborne. Check them out.


Medal of Honor Official E3 European Assault Trailer

Gamespot managed to get an exclusive video of the upcoming European Assault. If you like Medal of Honor then i'm sure that you will like this one. Check it out here


Medal of Honor Medal Of Honor: Pacific Assault Screenshots

GenGamers has posted up 9 new screenshots for Medal Of Honor: Pacific Assault. Here's some thumbs to keep you interested: Head to GenGamers to check out all these nice new screenshots.


Medal of Honor 3 New Screenshots

3 new screenshots of Breakthrough have just been released. Enjoy.


Medal of Honor Rising Sun Screenshot Update

Here you go. 6 brand new RS screenshots. Enjoy.


Medal of Honor New (Improved) Rising Sun Box Art

Electronic Arts has released the final version of the Medal Of Honor: Rising Sun box art. The image pictured here is the European version. The American version will look the same minus some logos.


Medal of Honor Breakthrough Screenshot Update

Here are 5 more Breakthrough screenshots.


Medal of Honor HUGE Pacific Assault Screenshot Update

Here we go. A boatload of new PacificAssault screenshots. Low Res but hey, what can ya do! Enjoy!


Medal of Honor New Exclusive Breakthrough Screenshots

Electronic Arts has just sent over three, brand new screenshots from the upcoming expansion pack, Medal Of Honor Allied Assault: Breakthrough. The quality on the images isnt that high, so bare with us.


Medal of Honor Breakthrough BoxArt

Check out the brand new BoxArt for Breakthrough. Looks good.


Medal of Honor Pacific Assault News!

First off, we have a press release directly from EA regarding this title. Then we have the first 5 ever to be seen screenshots of the game in action. Enjoy! FIGHT THE JAPANESE IMPERIAL ARMY IN EA'S MEDAL OF HONOR PACIFIC ASSAULT FOR PC REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - August 7, 2003 - Step into the boot...


Medal of Honor More Rising Sun Screenshots

Two more screenshots of Rising Sun have been released. The game is looking better and better all the time. Enjoy.


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