MoH: Airborne Review : Multi-Player to be Hardcore!

[quote]Much like the shark, cockroaches, and AC/DC, World War II first-person shooters haven't evolved much over the years. But for Medal Of...

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IGN Interviews Rex Dickson

Total Airborne today brings you the news that The guys over at IGN have posted up a new interview today with [b]Rex Dickson[/b], the lead de...

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Chriss Busse PMOH QA

Total Airborne today brings you the news that PlanetMedalofHonor posted up an article earlier this week asking for users to submit questions...

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MoHA C-47 Research Video in HD

The War Room - Authentic Audio: C-47 EA has released the Medal of Honor Airborne, C-47 Research Video in HD! Take a look: You can now ...

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New Airborne Site, New Airdrop

Total Medal of Honor Airborne today brings you the news that, EA has updated the official Medal of Honor Airborne website and released a new...

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Worthplaying MOHEA Review

[url="http://www.worthplaying.com/article.php?sid=26334"]Worthplaying[/url] has put together a review of Medal of Honor European Assault. Of...

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European Assault Review Available!

GameSpy has printed their latest review of Medal of Honor European Assault, the new console game from EA. Giving it an overall rating of 4 s...

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Two New Breakthrough Reviews

GameSpot has reviewed Medal of Honor Allied Assault: Breakthrough. Here's an excerpt: [b]These few intense battle sequences are actually ...

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