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Medal of Honor Fighting 69th Custom Map Weekend for May 2-4th

from 69th *|INF DIV|* Paladin @ The Fighting 69th : Greetings everyone ! Our monthly custom map weekend is upon us. This weekend's map rotation involves a mix of old and new maps, some have been in our 69th Small Maps Pack download, others have been in our D-Day to Berlin Map Pack. And even mor...


Medal of Honor MOHFiles announces new TeamSpeak for the MOH Community!

The MOHFiles Staff are proud to announce the startup of our new Dedicated TeamSpeak Server specifically for MOHFiles users! This TeamSpeak is dedicated to the entire community of Medal of Honor, including a dedicated channel for our Modders, a channel for those in need of assistance, and even a channel for those playing in our Spearhead Server! We'll also ha...


Medal of Honor Server to be Changed to SH

Just a heads up. The MoH Server which is currently running on Allied Assualt is to be changed to Spearhead over the weekend. Thanks


Medal of Honor Server Update

As of today the Server is Running Objective Stock map rotation and has foresight scanning. Silenced Pistol Mod is to be installed As is a Weapons mod to disable rockets and shotguns.


Medal of Honor MoHfiles Gaming Server Short Downtime

At the moment our gaming server is offline, this is due to the server being moved to a faster one. The downtime should not last too long. Then we will be able to give you the new server I.p. number. Sorry for any inconvinience this may cause. MoH Server Team UPDATE: the new server ip is as follows:


Medal of Honor MoHfiles Gaming Server Launch Party

As you are aware we have opened our long awaited Gaming Server :) We have planned tomorrow the 3rd of December at 6pm (gmt) a server Launch Party, where you will have chance to play with the staff here at MoHfiles and the staff from our server provider Goody from has this to say: Hello. a quick introdution is...


Medal of Honor We Have Our Own MoHFiles Gaming Server

We Have Our Own MoH Gaming Server Mohfiles is happy to announce the launch of its own dedicated Game server. Our server has kindly been donated by: The server will be running for the moment the stock Allied Assault Game, stock maps and weapons. The server has 12 player slots, and hopefully can be increased if the server becomes popular. Would...