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Medal of Honor MoHfiles is under new management!

For the next two weeks anyway... I'm going on a two week vacation to Alaska so I will be turning over MoHfiles to the well known MikePowell1944. Continue to send your files to [email protected] Mike will be uploading them now. C-ya in two weeks. --Madmanfrommars --Site Manager


Medal of Honor Okay this time I sware its all back to normal...

We've moved our server onto a faster one, and its been a real pain the last couple of days and I was unable to upload files. Should all be working now. I hope... :D


Medal of Honor Everything Is Working Again!

I've fixed the problems in my e-mail and barring that my computer spontaniously combusts (which is very possible), everything will be fine and we'll be back to normal. --Madmanfrommars


Medal of Honor Comments have been reenabled.

Don't disappoint me or they will be gone for good.


Medal of Honor If you've submitted a file within the last few days, resend it!!

Problems with my computer. Here's proof: as you can see its not my fault, for some reason all attachments show up greyed out.


Medal of Honor File Uploading Is Back Again

However, it is still painfully slow (not my fault). Its gonna take a little while for me to catch up so be patient as I catch up on the files.


Medal of Honor Reason For Lack Of Updates

We're having some database and server problems that are preventing me from uploading files. Database problems are out of my control so there is nothing I can do at the moment. Everything should be fixed soon. For now I request that you just hang on a little while and not overload me with filesub...


Medal of Honor PotD Problems.

Recently there have been alot of complaints regarding the type of pictures being posted as PotD. Well, until I get better pictures to validate, there is nothing much I can do for all of you. As it stands today, there are no new pictures to validate. Until there are, the current PotD will not change....


Medal of Honor I'm Sorry Everyone

I'm sorry that I haven't been able to update the POTD's and polls and just about everything else that much. I've been having personal problems and I thought that in the limited time I have to work on MoHfiles that uploading the files was more important. I've hired Mike Powell (mpowell1944) to...


Medal of Honor No Updates For A Few Days

I'll (reluctantly) be away until sunday night, so no updates until then.


Medal of Honor Server Slowdowns Are Now Fixed!

Most of the people who visit the site frequently in the past week have problably noticed it to be running extreamly slow. Well good news, its all fixed! These server problems have prevented me from adding files so you might have noticed a lack of updates, expect to see about 15 new files today!...


Medal of Honor We have a new mirror especially for visitors from Australia and New Zealand!

Good news for our visitors from Australia and New Zealand :) We've just launched our latest mirror, generously provided by PlanetMirror is the #1 place in the Eastern Pacific to get any file! Now the big but for the people that do not live in Australia or New Zealand is the fac...


Medal of Honor Lets Welcome MPowell1944

Mike has been sending in files to MOHfiles for a long time and now he's joined the staff as a map reviewer and news reporter. holds up a sign saying "Appaluse"


Medal of Honor To all that have E-mailed us in the past days, please read!

I made a terrible mistake a few moments ago resulting in all E-Mail waiting for pickup on the server has been lost, for good. This means that if you sent any of our staff an E-Mail, or submitted files, news, etc. and the person hasn't checked his/her mailbox, the E-Mail is gone. Therefore I sugg...


Medal of Honor MOHfiles has a game server!!

As shown on the top of the left hand menu, the server IP is Its a 16 player professionaly hosted server currently playing Allied Assault with the default map pack. No guy in his basement on his six year old computer hosting this :D. In the future MOHfiles will release map p...