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Medal of Honor Welcome new staff to MOHfiles!

I'd like to welcome two new additions to the MOHfiles staff. Skeleto and Aar1012. They will both be doing map reviews for the site. You can find out more about them on our staff page here:


Medal of Honor and in 2003 - Lots 'o new features!

Ah, december 31st, a few beers in my belly, I figured it was time for a little preview of what to expect of (of which this site is part) in 2003! Of course we'll be launching the necessary new sites such as for Quake 4,,,


Medal of Honor Developer Profiles / file upload + New Comments features planned

I just wanted to drop a quick update regarding the Developer Profile pages. As most of you know when clicking on a developers name, you'll get a "coming soon" page. Well, that will soon change. We'll show you any info a developer wants us to show. By default for example, the email address is not...


Medal of Honor Christmas Section of MOHfiles!

MOHfiles now has a section of X-mas mods! We don't have too many, but I'm hoping to get more. For now, you can access it here or you can simply look for it on the left hand menu. I hope you enjoy it! --Madmanfrommars --Site Manager


Medal of Honor We have our own IRC Channel

We now have our own IRC channel at The room name is #mohfiles . Stop in there! I'll usually be there. -Madmanfrommars


Medal of Honor We need your tips and tricks

I've added a tips and tricks section here, but as you can see, I don't really have any. If you've got any you'd like to add (No cheats please) e-mail it to me here. You'll be credited, I promise. -Madmanfrommars



Check it out here!!! Finally! the MP demo is here!


Medal of Honor Upgrades completed - Server is blazing fast again!

Wow! We just completed some long-needed maintenance and checked for ways to improve the servers performance. Now, the server can handle about 4 times the amount of traffic (CPU wise) so it's on to the 32 Million pageviews/month now! We're really sorry for the inconvenience of the past, well, 2...


Medal of Honor We could really use some picts of the day

Please, we need some. Submit as many as you want! Check out the submit picture of the day page, or just e-mail Picture Submissions You'll be credited, don't worry. ---- The MOHFiles team