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Version 2.8.1 -fixed bugs: Wraiths big heads, sharks dropping stone, birds spawning bug, Shark eggs becoming leather, menu text cropped a...


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Version 2.8.1 -fixed bugs: Wraiths big heads, sharks dropping stone, birds spawning bug, Shark eggs becoming leather, menu text cropped and albino dolphin spawning. Version 2.8 -Adds dolphins -fixed bug with hunters attacking horses even after selecting otherwise in the menu settings -fixed bug with hostile mobs spawning one dificulty level below selected -fixed deathhorse and deathWerewolf bugs -improved spawning code, it now uses way less resources (thanks to _303 and Mr_okushama) -fixed typo in the cave ogre menu -new recipe: now you can craft a horse saddle from a dungeon saddle + one iron ingot Regarding the Dolphins: There are six different kind of dolphins (from common to rare): blue, green, purple, dark, pink and albino. The last two kinds are seen only rarely in the wild. Taming dolphins: You can tame dolphins by feeding them raw fish. the rarer the dolphin, the more raw fish it requires to be tamed. A blue dolphin requires 2 raw fish and an albino dolphin requires 12 raw fish. You can also tame dolphins by riding/breaking them. Rarer dolphins are noticeable faster than common ones. Breeding dolphins: Tamed adult dolphins can breed by feeding them cooked fish and keeping them apart from other creatures in a similar fashion than the horse breeding. Young dolphin can not breed or be tamed/ridden. Two dolphins of the same color will always have offspring of such color. Dolphins have a 'genetic value' from 1-6. (blue = 1 and albino = 6) if you mix and match dolphins you have 1/3 chance of obtaining a purple or dark dolphin if the genetic value addition of the parents is 3 or 4, and you have a 1/10 chance of obtaining a pink or albino dolphin if the genetic value addition equals 5 or 6. i.e. A pink dolphin(5) can be obtained in 1/10 of cases by combining a blue(1) plus a dark(4) dolphin or a green (2) plus a purple (3) dolphin. Version 2.7 -Improved hunter's item destruction code, now the hunters only destroy newly spawned items not dropped by humans -simplified despawning code, inspired by Kodaichizero -I have decided to modify the squids so you can now limit their spawn numbers -Now this mod uses the GUI Api, you can change the settings by using the in-game menu: /Options../Mods Settings... -Activating/deactivating mobs and changing the spawn limits require you to restart minecraft for those changes to take place -With the new customizable settings, you can: *activate/deactivate individual mobs *select the difficulty where wraiths/werewolves and ogres spawn *limit the number of a specific mob spawning in the world (i.e. only spawn 4 lions) *change the spawn rate of Pegasus from 1% (default) up to 10% *select easy breeding options for the horses, if this option is turned on the horses won't become sterile and the rarer breeds will happen every single time with the right combinations *change the destructive power of the ogres *choose if the horses are attacked by hunters or not *choose if the prey animals drop items or not Version 2.6.2 -Fixed bug with tamed sharks not moving properly -Added code optimization to decrease lag thanks to Corosus and _303 -Increased health of sharks -Hunters now destroy the items dropped by its prey (to reduce free items and lag). They won't destroy the players' items -reduced attacking behavior of hunters -Sharks won't attack sharkEggs -reduced spawn cap from 50 to 40 (original is 15) Version 2.6.1 -sharks now also attack squids -changed despawning code for tamed sharks -added missing 'Sharks' to the MoCreatures.properties file in the TFC version -tamed sharks won't attack you (inspired by Despicable Me) -increased spawn of aquatic creatures to 35 from 30 -moved location of custom icons from /mocreatures to /mob to make installation easier version 2.6 -Added Sharks -increased spawning limit of creatures to 50 (from 16) and seacreatures to 30 (from 5) -fixed bug with haystacks giving 9 hay instead of 6 -the horse saddle item ID has been changed to increase compatibility with minecolony. Warning! before updating to this version of the mod, delete any Horse Saddles from your inventories Version 2.5.4 -changed Haystack to make it compatible with Roundaround hay block -Added a second download, compatible with TFCs Mod Manager Version 2.5.3 -Baby horses look smaller. They slowly grow over time. You can't tame or saddle a baby horse. They won't despawn if they're bred. -There is a 1/5 chance of finding baby horses in the wild (they can despawn) -Changed Horse Saddle icon to a brighter color and slightly different icon, also added a 'Horse Saddle' tooltip -Added a new craftable item: Haystack. made by combining 9 pieces of Hay. It could be given to horses to make them stay in a single spot. To resume the horse normal wandering behavior, ride it for a short while. The Haystack idea was taken from GKANG and farmcraft -Added Sugar Lumps, an stackable food crafted from 4 pieces of sugar. It heals you and also helps you tame your horse. It's effectivity is between Hay and Bread to help you tame your horse. -Tamed birds will eat seeds again -And bugfixes: -Fixed bug with Lions and Bears not attacking livestock -Fixed bug with Flame Wraiths drops -Fixed bug with Ogre block destruction -Fixed bug with Wraiths surviving daylight Version 2.5.2 -Bunnies are ready! (please test and report if you find any bugs) -Wraiths are also ready -fixed bug with ogres not destroying blocks -fixed bug with werewolves doing damage at a distance -fixed bug with nightmares' special ability -fixed game crashing bug when killing pack horses -reduced spawn rate of foxes, lions, bears -increased spawn rate of horses (from groups of 4 to 6) Version 2.5.1 -Fixed wing flipping bug in birds and pegasi -Fixed bug that prevented horse riding -Fixed bug with werewolfes attacking themselves -removed 'annoying' werewolfes/human sounds -updated to latest version of foxes (1.5) Version 2.5 -Werewolves now spawn only on Normal or higher difficulty. spawn rate also decreased. (You now can put the game on easy and get the gold sword before fighting them) -Fire ogres are dropping fire again (so you can get that chain armor if you dare) -Decreased loudness of foxes -Foxes now drop leather so if you want to instantly tame a horse, you're out of luck :) -Fixed bug with foxes spawning rate -Wraiths and Bunnies are not included in the Mod yet (I'm still working on updating them to the latest version) Version 2.4 -Added property file (deprecated) Version 2.3.1 -Added Werewolves missing files (.png and .ogg) to the package ChangeLog Version 2.3 -Added Foxes! -Werewolves added to the full version of the mod -Once tamed, birds won't eat seeds (they still will be attracted to seeds) -Some performance tweaking on the birds (decreases CPU load) -other minor tweaks to the birds' AI -Fixed bug with wraiths surviving daylight -Fixed bug with wraiths not causing damage -added tooltip to the Horse Saddle -fixed typo in one of the horse sound files (thanks to CrimsonCrow for the heads up) -Fire Ogres now drops bloodstone -Cave Ogres no longer spawn on dark areas of the surface ChangeLog Version 2.2 -Added Werewolves ChangeLog version 2.1.2 -Fixed bug game crashing when mounting horses (introduced in 2.1.1) -Added birds to wildlife ChangeLog version 2.1.1 -fixed sppining bug when mounting horses -horses will no longer eat eggs -You can now offer bowlsoup to the horses in addition to Pumpkins for reproduction -you can now use the torch to open the horses inventory -fixed the 'undead horse glitch' -? fixed the horse chunk eating glitch -Changed the bird's wings (thanks to KodaichiZero) -Artificially Increased spawn rate of birds -Made birds tamable: they won't despawn after eating seeds, and they won't be scared by the player after tamed ChangeLog version 2.1 -Added Birds Changes in Version 2.0.1 -Added Bunnies Changes in version 2.0 -updated for Minecraft Beta 1.1_02 -removed sound bug when pegasus and black pegasus land -removed damage done to horse by the rider -you can also open the horse inventory if you're holding a torch. -only one horse will become sterile after breeding (before, both would become sterile) -sterile horses won't accept pumpkins or eggs. Changes in version 1.6.6 -Added Bunny (courtesy of KodaichiZero) -Added a breeding system for Horses and 3 new horses: Pack Horse, Nightmare and Black Pegasus -Changed the handling/riding code for mounts (the horse will spin you just after you mount it, then it will settle) -Horses get healed when fed -Giving an apple to a horse will tame it automatically -Added eating sounds to the horses so you know it is eating the food -Added inventory to two horses: Pack Horse and Black Pegasus Changes in version 1.6.5 -Increased attack range of lioness -Lioness is more aggressive than the Lion -Fire Ogres and Flame Wraiths will only spawn in Hard difficulty. Both will also spawn in Hell -Decreased pyromany of Fire Ogres. They still burn whole forests, tho. -Added Boars: attack only prey smaller than them (including bunnies!). Boars will also attack you if you get really close. -Added Horses including Unicorns and Pegasus -For every horse you find, there is a 3% chance of finding a Unicorn and only a 1% chance of finding a Pegasus... so good luck! -Added craftable Horse Saddles. You will require a horse saddle to ride your horse. The normal saddles that you find randomly in dungeons only work for pigs. -Quick guide on how to tame horses: The faster/rarer the horse, the harder to tame. This is what they require to be as docile as possible before you mount them. Even after making them happy, you will have to break/ride them until they accept you. To make them docile you will need to give: - Light horses (1 bread or 4 wheat) - Brown Horses (2 bread or 8 wheat) - Black horses (3 bread or 12 wheat) - Unicorns (4 bread or 16 wheat) - Pegasus (5 bread or 20 wheat) -Increased Health of Horses -Made spawns for unicorns and pegasus rarer -Decreased damage of Unicorns after jumping Changes in version 1.6.3 -split mod to mix and match into 1. Wildlife (lions, bears, wolves and duck), 2. Ogres and 3. Wraiths. -added female lions -Male lions will not attack female lions -female lions are less aggressive towards player -added ducks (using dorino1 quack sounds plus painterly pack's duck texture) Changes in version 1.6.2 (Thanks to 303 for his help!) -Using 303's spawnlist, the mod no longer modifies the gg.class -Green ogres don't burn on sunlight, they become docile unless attacked. -Fire Ogres now spawn on Normal difficulty -Tweaked blast radius for ogres, depending on difficulty level, in hard the blast radius is bigger -Changed drops for Fire Ogres and Cyclops to the intended drops -Minor tweaks to the hunters' behavior -Ogres no longer destroy ores or mobspawners -Slightly increased pyromany of Fire Ogres -Minor nerf to Wraiths Changes to version 1.6.1 -Ogre's block destruction decreased Changes to version 1.6 -Lions, Bears and Wolves wont hunt in peaceful difficulty -decreased hunting range from 16 to 8 -decreased 'hunger' of hunters to 1/10 -added Ogres (normal, fire and cave): spawn on Normal or harder difficulty, destroy blocks, can smell players 16blocks apart, will destroy blocks in their path to their target -Ogres won't destroy obsidian Changes to version 1.5 -Major changes to A.I: -Lions will now attack other animals, including other lions and bears -Bears won't attack lions, but they will attack any other animals -Wolves will attack pigs, chickens and sheep, in addition to players during night -reduced Bear spawn rate to 1/3 Changes to version 1.4: -Reduced the attack range of the lion in Hard difficulty from 16 to 6, and in Normal difficulty from 6 to 4 -Decreased Lion and Bear spawn rates -Reduced Wraith spawn rate

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