Minecraft City - Varenburg v1.0

Varenburg v 1.0.zip


This is a map for Minecraft. It includes the third version of our city with the following new contents:

- Brand new residential area with 67 Buildings - Sewers improved in the south. - Some streets and some intersections improved. - One tramline extended. - Some old buildings improved. - Improved priority system. - Extended infrastrcture (Streets, Sewers). - Serveral corretions of faults. - In addition, a detailed map of the city is included in the download.

The town is still under construction and there will be updates from time to time.

Varenburg Version 1.0 I would like to have a feedback from you to my E-mail address [email protected], to the commentaries at the website http://minecraftcityvarenburg.npage.de/ or in the commentaries of our video on youtube.

Build by Nick96894, Arniboy13 and Jan1309


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