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This is a simple and easy to use mod manager for Monster Hunter: World, that makes managing the mods you have installed really easy. Well re...


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This is a simple and easy to use mod manager for Monster Hunter: World, that makes managing the mods you have installed really easy. Well recommended.

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Download 'MHW%20Mod%20Manager%201.125-372-1-125-1540086102.rar' (879KB)

I finally got fed up with trying to track down loose mod files referencing the original installs and clicking through a million folders to uninstall all the mod specific files, sheesh. So i figured i could easily knock something up to solve the problem in about a day or so,, and then it took 3 days... But that's not so bad anyway and i think the result works fairly well. I started working on this before i even knew what "Vortex" was and i guess if ya like that better then, whatever. but i made this and well no reason not to upload it. its a much simpler manager if you don't want to use vortex anyway, and might have some nice features it doesn't have.
Hope ya like, thanks for checkin' it out anyway.

-You can extract the files anywhere and use it but it works best if you place them in your monster hunter world game folder. if you don't, you'll have to change the folder manually after loading the program up. Just make sure the ModManagerData folder stays by the program executable.

-This program requires that you keep a mod cache of all the mod archives (.zip, .7z, .rar, etc..) for mods you have installed. (this is mostly managed for you unless you want to manually organize it).
-You can drag files to the list to add them to the mod cache. alternatively you can place them inside folders inside the mod cache folder to categorize them, if the program is open while you do this you'll probably need to hit re-scan mod cache afterwards.

-Automatically install and uninstall all or manually selected parts of a mod archive.
-Track which files of what mods are installed
-Display what mods modify what files
-A hopefully user friendly interface
-Game agnostic: would work on any game that uses a similar mod structure.

If you are a mod author:
Could you please structure your mods to always have a nativePC folder at the base of the archive?
You can have a readme there too as i've added an option to ignore files at the top level but it would be nice if you could make your mod easily compatible with this manager, thanks!

Only really works with mods that have a nativePC folder at the root of the archive, or have files that go directly into nativePC, which thankfully most mods are already like that.
Its a simple program, its not going to automagically update your mods for you by checking the nexus or whatever.

As i said i kinda just made this in a few days and was working pretty fast ykno, i absolutely do not have enough hubris to say this program is bug free. And any mishaps that cause harm to your mod installs and cache are not of my responsibility.
That being said i have tested it and it has worked fine in all situations i've thrown at it. 
If you are concerned about your mods, please back up your nativePC folder.

I'm not super interested in continuing work on this that much, just wanted to make something that worked nicely and be done with it.
But if there's enough desire for a certain feature request or something i might think about it, something i've thought would be nice would be to add installation states such that you could manually save a virtual state of your current mod installs to have different loadouts or something. good for like big mods that modify a lot of files that may conflict with others and be a nightmare to undo after installing otherwise. this would prevent you from needing to copy and past the nativePC folder to make backups.

Anyway, any questions, comments, ideas, and bugs reports are welcome in the comments.

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