Mod Spotlight: Bellum Imperii for Mount and Blade: Warband

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Published by Digz 1 week ago

Is your Mount and Blade: Warband adventure lacking a distinct historical edge? Look no further than one of the most respected mods in Mount and Blade history: Bellum Imperii! It's a mod I've played myself whilst wanting to control my Roman legions and build my empire in Total War but to be a Caesar on the frontline myself. This mod gives you the opportunity to do just that. Go and conquer the world with this fantastic experience.

The gameplay is smooth and well rounded in an Ancient European world where you can take on the task of making your grand legions and expanding the Roman Empire. The landscaping of the mod is truly surreal, you really do feel that you're exploring the historic world in this mod, I won't even type anymore because words won't do this mod any justice, I'll simply put this picture here:

If that doesn't do it for you, then the textures and details of the solders you recruit and how they scale up is another level, it's literally like playing a high quality much improved super graphic'd up game of Ryse: Son of Rome and I mean that. The development team have had to work with the Mount and Blade engine which let's be honest isn't Ryse-esque but they've done such a brilliant job in getting the textures as to where they are.

In addition to the above, the number of factions are looking to increase in the newer versions and have done so for version 1.4 compared to previous versions. In the next version you'll be able to start with your very own faction or your own fief, which presents you with a totally different storyline instead of serving 

Give this classic and ever-great mod a download and see how long it takes you to become Caesar and control the Senate.

Download v1.4 here and the hotfix for v1.4 here.

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