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This grand modification takes you away from Calradia and sweeps you to the newly discovered landscape Ponavosa. The map of Ponavosa has take...


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This grand modification takes you away from Calradia and sweeps you to the newly discovered landscape Ponavosa. The map of Ponavosa has taken more than 56 hours to build.

Sword of Damocles - Warlords (Test Combatant) v3.92 Full By: Computica / SOD TEAM 2011 Date: 12/08/2011 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=CHANGELOG=-= --Bug Fixes-- *3.89 -Fixed the Tavern Traveler Dialog when searching for unknown companions.

*3.90 -Village Zakosta was Desert Fixed to plains -Had issues with Walled Fiefs spawning Player -Skybox was wrongly added to skybox.txt So I removed it and replaced it with Better Skybox Mod

*3.91b2 -Fixed a bug where villages were spawning recruits even when there was no population. -Away Lords caused exp. bug. Fixed that and the way they spawned on the map.

*3.91b2f1 -Fixed issue with not being able to retreat in-battle.

*3.91b2f2 -Peace notification menus are now turned off for other factions if the show diplomatic message switch is disabled now. -Thopica's town scene is fixed -Horses won't rear when attacked by a thrust positioned spear unless actual bonus damage is applied -Sulves's village scene is now a snow scene -Arbalest shoots much faster, has a speed increase, and does more damage -Fixed Estin, Panto Castle, & Uskeild scenes to snow

*3.91b3 -Prevented village icons from becoming the wrong icon type after being looted. -Troops will only surrender only if they have been hurt. Enemy troops with full HP don't surrender. -Troops that surrender get correctly added as prisoners after battle. -All outlaw troops are now in the outlaw faction instead of there related kingdom faction. -All building improvements are revised and checked for mistakes. Checked Building Descriptions too. -Castle Chapels rise the faith of its castles bound village local faith. -Faith system was revised and fixed. Faith should properly grow now. -Chapel upgrade system was wrong. The result upgraded no Nobles. -AI fief Improvement scripts were fixed. -Surrender on off switch was referenced incorrectly in the options menu. -More money per week for Armor/Weapon/Horse Stores. -Fixed scene for Alporna Village. -Slightly increased building difficulty for improvements.

*3.91b3f1 -Fixed Building Improvements Question Dialog -Reworded "You are building..." to "The inhabitants are building..." and "The Troops stationed here are" for castle construction. -Note: Population effects building time while amount of soldiers garrisoned at castles effect building time.

*3.91b4 -> 3.92 -Rebalanced Foil & Estoc -Top-tier Conquistadors receive Estoc -Base exp. given to garrisoned AI troops is way too high. Rebalanced to make the game more enjoyable. -I increased the number of hidden bandit caves from 5 to 12. -AI Hiring rounds for the Barracks, Stable, & Practice Range was just +1 for any instead of 1 for each. -AI Hiring Rounds are for improvements add to a random instead of being a fixed number. -Fixed Dialog when hiring troops from other lords. One check was blocking everything. -Made hiring troops from Garrisoned lords easier to do. -I had the effects of serfdom backwards in some scripts. -Enemy and Allied parties that are in a Castle or Town can no longer leave to help fight unless they are part of the player faction. -Fixed the Tavern Traveler dialog when asking about companions. -^Increased the amount of times to ask to two a day. -Fixed a small code mishap during field battles -Made it harder for troops to surrender. -Fixed Faction Defeated Triggers -King Titles Fixed -Fixed several pieces of Spouse Dialog -Enabled Regiments to reinforce a garrison again. This time they will be no longer hidden but shown in the garrison. -Increased Map Travel Speed -Write important info to log Ex: Last known Companion Location, List of Towns with Tournaments -Adjusted Hoof Dust to prevent lag but still look nice. -Cut the time of gun smoke by half. -MAP SPEED FIXED -Legion Troop horses rebalanced. (Before they were more like living tanks. They could use more tweaking) -Village Stratana Scene replaced -Newer bows were made a bit stronger and received a small price increase. -Fixed Firearm selection for companion auto-looting -Completed Economy (1 of 3) [At least 3 trade routes are automatically set for each town.] -Completed Economy (2 of 3) [Economy Goods automatically are set for each town & Village.] -Optimized many auxiliary textures -Limited the amount of prisoners minor parties on the world map can have. -Reduced the size per player level of outlaw parties -Made it even easier to hire troops from lords -You can hire troops from lords when there on the field. -The Impacts of Winning & Losing a In-battle duel are much more effective. -Horse Weaknesses apply for tournament matches. -Fixed the new sun textures -Made Samurai/Ronin Armors and Weapons buy able. -Made some blocked Legion Equipment buy able.

--Added/Experimental Features-- *3.90 -Made better Night Textures -Added Releastic Textures Mod

*3.91b2 -In-battle enemy surrendering. (Gives you the option to let your enemies surrender during battle. They won't be prisoners unless they are using a blunt weapon. Upon surrender you don't receive exp.) -In-battle surrendering can be turned on/off -In-battle surrendering has been made a bit more difficult to trigger -Amount of arrows/bolts/bullets have been increased -ZER Horse speeds were too fast, maneuvering was too high, and health a bit low|Rebalanced ZER Horses.

*3.91b3 -Added Shift/Zoom functionality to death camera to speed up movement. -Attack and Defend buttons now make the death camera go up and down. -Added new grunt and war cries sounds for females. -When denying surrender you gain 1 point of morale for each troop that would have surrendered. -When denying surrender your troops get a small health boost. -Infestation is now open to all bandits depending on area. Not just looters, mountain, & forest Bandits. This also means bandits of the type will spawn from those infested villages. -You are warned when your centers are infested by bandits if a message post is built. -Bandits can now mix merge there parties into mixed types. On Hard Campaign AI they will also combine with looters. A On/Off switch was made to toggle this feature. -Chance of infestation depends on its faction's diplomatic Serfdom. -Increased number of Kingdom Colors you may choose from.[size=8pt] (Ask me to implement more and I won't respond to you.)[/size] :P -Temple type buildings that are built in towns now automatically upgrade Garrisoned Top Tier Nobles to Zealots based on that town's local Faith and that town's bound village('s) local Faith. -AI Lords now build buildings and pay money for them just like the player does. -All improvements that give renown, increase health, population, faith(Player Faction), and income are beneficial to lords now. -If AI Lord has a fief with a Barracks, Practice Range, or Stable built this will increase the amount of times they can hire troops by 1 each every 24 hours making these buildings very useful. Because of this the game will be much harder if a lord owns a fief with all 3 of these buildings built. -If AI Lords have a fief with a Blacksmith built the cost of hiring troops at that fief are cut in half for them. Because of this the game will be much harder if a blacksmith is built for an AI lord. -If AI Lord has a fief with a Barracks, Practice Range, or Stable built this will increase the amount of total experience (3000[Normal], 4500[Hard], 1500[Easy]) that is given to troops at that fief by 250 for each improvement built. If all 3 are built the owner of that fief will have higher level troops garrisoned. -Village Elders can now be individually told to stop reinforcing player fiefs and vice versa. -The Village Elder, Guild master, and Prison Guards (Castle) can now be asked which improvements does that current fief have.

*3.91b4 -> 3.92 -Updated and fixed the formats of many textures -Bump & Specular maps were added/re-made to many textures -During Battle the transparent map will show up. -Total Duels between Lords/Kings & Companions is now listed in the Report Menu. -In-Battle Dueling System -Allies Can Duel For You (In-Battle Dueling System) -In-Battle Chatter (In-Battle Dueling) -Companion Level Scaling -Number of available mercenaries is based on town population and player level. (Tavern) -Number of available peasants is based on towns surrounding bound villages collective population. (Tavern) -Revised the 'Buy troops from lord dialog' *again* this time it works much better than before. :D -Increased the max amount you can burrow from a lord at one time to 50,000 denars. -Better Prisoner Management (1 of 3) [Tell Prison Guard to send all prisoners in party to fief garrison.] -Arena Rewards are now based on town population and prosperity -Villages can't send reinforcements if infested with bandits. -The Culture of all fiefs change to that of the faction that took it. -Castle & Town garrison max is based on town population and bound village population for castles. -Revised Textures using proper shaders. -Dual Barrel Musket -Completed Economy (3 of 3) [Snow fiefs have there own economic demands, before there was just Urban, Rural, & Desert Demands for certain goods.] -Improved several auxiliary textures =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Requirements: 1. Need to have Warband version 1.143 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Install Instructions: 1. This time everything is in a nice installer. 2. Make sure Warband is updated 3. Make Sure the mod is installed in the correct directory because some people have the steam version. 4. Check the "_Optional" folder in the Mods directory for uh... optional stuff. 5. Enjoy the mod 6. Vote for it on ModDB =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= NOTICE: Understand the Multiplayer Portion of this game is in a beta state but it does work. I'll release the source for the MP portion for the "Sword of Damocles: Bloodshed" Release.

This release also includes several translations preloaded into the language folder. None of them are up to date but I would love some support from translators. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ~~Credits~~

SOD: Warlords Team Computica (SOD Warlords - Mod Leader/Lead Coder/All-Around Design) MorrisB (SOD Gold/Warlords - Lore/History/Story/Script Master) Daedelus_McGee (SOD Warlords/Mod Organizer) LibSpit (SOD Gold/Warlords - Creative Direction/Writer/Companions) Manekemaan (SOD Gold/Warlords - Major Mod Supporter)

SOD: Gold Team Vonmistont (SOD Gold - Original Mod Leader) Mordachai (SOD Gold - Lead Programmer) Cyclohexane (SOD Gold - Texture Artist, Scene Artist, 3D/2D Model Artist) Kuba (SOD Gold - Programmer) Twan (SOD Gold - Programmer) Siofna (SOD Gold - 3D Modeller)

Voice Actors Libspit (Voice Acting for future release) Sirbab (Voice Acting for future release) Master Ronin (Voice Acting for future release)

Resources Waalx (Original Weapon Models & Textures) Barf (Pistol Sword 3D Model) Checkmaty (More Metal Sound Mod 2.2) Rubik (Released Custom Commander Source Code) Dunde (Enhanced Process Scripts) Neil_v (Blood Tweak Tutorials) zParsifal (Released Diplomacy + Source Code) Jrider (Faction Relation Presentation Codes) ???? (Inadvertent Flow[CHMB]) (M&B Tenka 2 Mod Leader| Samurai Base Models) Caba`drin (Educational Help| Released useful Source Codes) lucky lancer (Modified training scenes) MadVader (Mouse Death Cam)

Beta Testers Fyorax KnightOfVaegir Valdarr Halsemon polydamas zee Teronius Fyorax Alu zee zoolder Winterwolf00 GenericSoldierX Alavaria Goldbrandsz Notsure tdring Teronius andaries xchrisx(GER) ashevil2 Master Ronin

Special Thanks Aliang227 (Educational Help) Theoris Alex Dragon (Mod Supporter) CryptoCactus (Educational Help) Waihti (Uses Diplomacy as a base Thank you Waihti) Elric_de_Melnibone (Mod Supporter) Somebody (Educational Help) CptJoker (Educational Help) Cruger (Educational Help) Duh (Mod Supporter) Lumos (Educational Help) Kinseth Edenspring Arys Dayne BerTolkien (French Translation) Fidelity Evil Lemon (Mod Supporter) LordSim (Extra Signatures) ShrikeGFX (Extra Signature) Jammen690 (Mod Supporter) Notsure (Mod Supporter) Zombo (Provided Solution to the Vincenzo (Educational Help) Specialist (Educational Help) xenoargh (Educational Help|Crossbow Models Textures) Vornne (Educational Help) =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= -Notes- I want to thank everyone in the Taleworlds community, and especially everyone in the ChineseMB forums. If you don't know about ChineseMB you should register there and go to there english forum. I want to give a special thanks to all of my mod supporters. Without them I wouldn't have known how important this mod is to everyone. I greatly respect the previous SOD modders of the Classic M&B Era. I hope to take this mod to the next level. Also I'm still looking for work and I'm pretty much self taught. So if anyone is hiring in computer or game design send me a message. ;D =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Public Contact Info-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Email: QQ ID\Email: Main Forum:,205.0.html Contact:;u=52377 Moddb Profile: Steam Username: Computica XFire Username: Computica (Community/Clan: n/a)

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