Vikingr 0.80 Full Installer (BETA)

Brief Overview:After many long months of toil and smithying, we are proud to present Vikingr. We have strived to recreate history in the gol...

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Brief Overview:After many long months of toil and smithying, we are proud to present Vikingr. We have strived to recreate history in the golden age of the Vikings whose influence upon much of Northern Europe is without equal. Fight with the spear and the axe, with the shield and the horse, become the saga hero and let forth the blood-gore in the landscapes of an unforgiving land.Trailers: forums:,202.0.htmlFeatures:- Four factions; Vikingr, Anglo-Saxons, Rus and Normans.- Major overhaul of combat balancing. Feel the weight of that two-handed axe!- Raid game mode. The attackers have to bring torches, burn target houses and then pick up the loot.- Longboat battle, where two ships meet to fight.- Lots of new equipment.- Beautiful maps and sounds that will get you into the right atmosphere.- Troop limiter, to get rid of archer and cav spam, keeping it balanced.- Removed the aiming reticle, so you have to make a real effort when shooting, you will also have fewer arrows, but they deal good damage.- Decapitation, you will be able to chop off heads!- Banner that heal and motivate you teammates.- Horns that you can blow by pressing "H".- Crouching (bound to "Character screen" key, "C" by default).- Insult your enemies with a variety of faction-specific taunts!(bound to "Quest screen" key, "Q" by default).- Tons of other minor gameplay enhancers like drowning script, ammo chests and more!Credits:Team:Rath0s :(Leader, Modeler, Texturer and item/troops scripts).Ginthus: (Modeler and Texturer).Davee: (Coding, Sounds and Mapper)Eirikur/Turanien: (Modeler, Texturer and Mappper)NaglFaar: (Mapper and horn code)Contributors:- Lots of thanks to all members of the Einherjar, Shieldings and OLL for the great support and for testing over and over.- dejawolf (Vikingr Model Pack)- Cifre (New animations)- gutekfiutek (Polished Landscapes)- Aeon (Sound Round-ing)- James (Vikingr Standard Model)- Narf of Picklestink (Rus Armour)- faradon (Norman Helmets)- Slawomir of Aaargh (Horn animation & horn model)- GetAssista, Yoshiboy, Lumos, Tempered (Assisting NaglFaar with the drowning script)- begemot (Beserker outfit)- WEe, Highlander (Assiting Eirkur with the crouching script)- Jerkuh (Class-limit system)- Comingwinter, Gule, Folthrik, Comrade Temuzu and Coffee'n Smokes (Maps)- Yamabusi (For the priest/monk outfit)- Jur/Broken shield (For the ice models)- Kuauik (For the norman mail coif model/rus tunics)- Shik (Making female versions for some armours)This version's changelog (previous version was 0.73):Vikingr Version 0.80 BETA - 11.04.05Changes- Audio values have been tweaked (longer distance on battle sounds, horse hooves louder and have gotten higher priority).- Spears rebalanced.- All high-tier armours have had their armour values reduced. This should make battles favour the winning team less. Some ranged weapon damage values have been reduced to compensate.- Several maps in different gamemodes updated/tweaked.- All doors now open from both sides for defenders in Siege gamemode.- Some scripts optimized and improved.- Throwing weapons have been removed for some classed to recude the total ammount of them on the battlefield. Price also increased slightly.- Some "draw weapon" animations have had their duration tweaked.- Health points on all horses increased by a tiny bit.Additions- Raid gamemode has had an overhaul. It now features 'Reinforcement waves'. Defenders must defend until time runs out! Many maps changed to fit the new features. This hasn't had much testing, some bugs and balance issues are to be expected.- Siege: Defenders can now pick up Stones or Boulders to hurl at their enemies below for a small fee. Look for small rock piles.- Four new Siege maps: 'Norman Keep' by Comrade Temuzu, 'Small Motte & Bailey', 'The Siege of Paris' and 'Nonnebakken'.- Two new Battle maps: 'Romenel' by Moeckerkalfie and 'Avebury' by Harmast.- A new CTF and Deathmatch map: 'Workshop' by Comrade Temuzu.- Two new maps intended for Holmgang-style duels: 'Forest Holmgang' by ComingWinter and 'Coastal Holmgang'.- All Holmgang maps now feature shield-spawning chests. These spawn three different shields each, that you can pick up and drop on the ground.- New original main menu art by skvor.- Three new Rus Mail Shirts. Replaces the old one.- All factions now have two coulour variations of hoods! Some also come with helmets. Made by Mandible.- New Woolen Cap texture by Mandible.- New Saxon Tunic by Zimke.- 21 new Norman Kite Shields.- Four new painted Norman helmets - three Segmented Helmet and one Faceplate Helmet variation.- Two new mace models by Raegenhere.- 11 New Rus kite shields by Raegenhere.- Three high-damage blunt sounds from the WCVShybrid sound pack.- Four new Rus taunts voiced by Martinoff.- New fog and snow smoke effects. The props start with a "prtsys_" prefix.- New usable 'teleportation' door props (featured only on Norman Keep right now). Place two of the same type to make a player move from one to the other when one of them is activated. They have a "TELEPORT_" prefix.- Several new scene backgrounds from Expanded Horizons.- Decapitations made more dramatic - heads dropping on the ground!Tons of other minor tweaks and fixes.Do you have any feedback? Suggestions? Want to discuss the mod?Visit the official Vikingr sub-forum on TaleWorlds forums:,202.0.html

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