DevilGamez - Season 14 Episode 3.zip


Version: Season XIV Episode 3

Experience: x50 / x500 / x1500.

Drop: 20% / 35% / 50%

Sub-Servers: 30 divided in all the servers.

Info (Spoiler)_:

Bots: has 8 types of helper, more info [Click here]

Chaos Card: Custom by Default.

Events: All working at 100%, more info [Click here]

Reward Events: Custom awards for c / evento, more info [Click here]

Maps: More than 60 maps, more info [Click here]

Muun System: Complete according to the season, more info [Click here]

Shonetouch: Custom according to characters.

Offtrade: Active in Lorencia.

Balanced Experience: Custom, more info [Click here]

Balanced Characters: All races,

BattleCore: Custom by Default.

CashShop: Custom by IamShazam [WCoins & Globins]

SkillTree 3rd: According to the season.

SkillTree 4rd: According to the season.

4thQuestArea: According to the season.

Characters: has 8 types of characters, more info [Click here]

And much more.


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