Server will be official open on: 26/04/2020!Name: Mu.RomaniaGaming.RoWeb: http://mu.romaniagaming.roForum: http://forum.romaniagaming.roCoun...


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Server will be official open on: 26/04/2020!

Name: Mu.RomaniaGaming.Ro



Country Server: Romania

Version: Season 6 Episod 3

Experience: 500x

Drop: 60%

Maximum Stats: 250000

Points Per Level: 5/7/7

Monsters per spot 6-18

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Download '182608-173485-Mu.RomaniaGaming.Ro Install.exe' (530.08MB)

About This Version (Season 6 Episode 3)

Version: Season 6 Episode 3

Released: 25th April 2020 10:54am

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