Need for Speed: High Stakes
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Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
High Stakes Editor Guest 106KB 1,726
NFS3 (VIV) Converter Guest 89KB 1,489
NFS3 (FCE) Converter Guest 7KB 305
Money Cheat Guest 58KB 3,657
Cheat Enabler Guest 2KB 996
Change Languages Guest 139KB 461
Hot Persuit Hack Guest 13KB 363
All Cars/Tracks Guest 1KB 653
Change to Day/Night (DEMO Version) Guest 730B 9
Liscense Plate Changer (DEMO Version) Guest 10KB 1,313
Rain Driving (DEMO Version) Guest 5KB 961
More Cars (DEMO Version) Guest 3KB 11
Car Cad v1.41 Guest 339KB 748
NFS Wizard Guest 952KB 564
CarCAD v1.42 Guest 401KB 226
CarCAD 1.43 Guest 404KB 213
Car Manager Guest 1.43MB 181
Car Manager Version 1.1 Guest 1.98MB 245
Car Manager Version 1.1 Patch Guest 73KB 65
Car Modeller BETA Preview Build 11 Guest 1.24MB 115
ZModeler v0.8 Guest 149KB 1,616
Standart plugins set for ZModeler v0.8 Guest 48KB 789
FCE filer for ZModeler v0.8 Guest 10KB 237
CarCAD v1.5 Car Editor Guest 421KB 5,569
Money Cheat Guest 58KB 3,534 Guest 43KB 136 Guest 120KB 232
NFS High Stakes Windows 2000 Install Guide Guest 250KB 2,795
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