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Published by Zach 15 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Okay, first off, I know about this only because of our friends at NWN2News. Here's a snippet of the article. :) [quote][i]A friend of the site, whom wishes to go unnamed, sent in a English translation of the French Joystick NWN 2 article. [/i] Article It was quite unattended to me to talk about Neverwinter Nights 2 in the “Game of the Month” article. It’s a little bit sudden; we just met each other… But, let’s go! Especially that, this time, it’s an full version that Atari’s sent us, with all the content! Usually, we only have a big presentation, interviews, etc. We hardly play to games so much time before they’re in sales. With Nwn2, here we go, character creation, tutorial, quests, I’m getting further in the story… without any trouble! “That’s fine” will you think, the game ships in a few months. Obsidian can let a journalist look into the source code; it’s quite finished now, isn’t it? Hmm, it isn’t. No, not at all. We are far from it. If Atari releases the game in September, they are going right to the wall laughing! But, I think the release date will be pushed back. I’ve got this feeling since the last presentations and it’s confirming now: don’t expect to see Nwn2 before the end of the year, or even perhaps, early 2007. After all, it would be a good thing… In short, I had a hard time playing, I must admit it. And the screenshots were graciously given by Obsidian. Though, I’ve tried the beast long enough to get confident on the future of the most faithful PC RPG game. Now, let’s remember a bit the game principles.[/quote] You can view the entire article here.
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