Neverwinter Nights 2: A love note from Obsidian to you.

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Published by Zach 16 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
An article from, written by Patrick Joynt [quote]The use of influence in Neverwinter Nights 2 should work better and contribute more to the player's fun than in Obsidian's last game, Knights of the Old Republic II, where it was decidedly lackluster -- and that's how just about every feature in NWN2 looks at this point. The creation kit, the graphics, and heck, even the story are looking worlds better than in the first NWN. The D&D rules being used are the 3.5 set, which are some of the best tactical rules available for fantasy combat. There's nothing quite like choice in an RPG, so NWN2 includes every race and sub-race in its Forgotten Realms setting. For those who aren't big Forgotten Realms fans, that's roughly one gazillion races and variants. Available classes will include all the standard 3.5 classes plus the Warlock core class from the Complete Arcane D&D sourcebook, giving fans of run and gun gameplay a magical option. Influence will, hopefully, be as great as Feargus Urquhart promises it will be, taking into account not just Good and Evil but also Law and Chaos -- the two axes of the D&D morality system. As long as the system doesn't simply make party members loath you for no discernable reason, it will be a big improvement. The mod community has the most to look forward to from what we've seen. The toolset for NWN2 is no longer entirely tile-based, with 3D construction for the outside areas. The "isn't this shiny?" example we got to play with was weather and lighting, where a simple set of slider tools allowed the sun to be darkened, the sky to be filled with screaming-fast cloud cover, and an ominous red glow to radiate literally up from the ground. In short, a few moments of fiddling with sliders will let you take a beautiful 3D pastoral town setting and turn it into an Apocalypse in red. There are a few other ultra-nerd specific features that we're pretty excited about as fans of the potential of the ultra-modable, user-owned NWN series. In this version of NWN, summoned monsters or other "pet" creatures will no longer get a slice of the group's XP, making magic-users and rangers a feasible set of classes. We're ready to see Obsidian reach their potential with this when it releases. [/quote]
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