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Published by Zach 16 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Thanks to the wonderful people at Neverwinter Nights 2 News, we have learned about a new A-KON interview done by the folks at I can certainly say that I never heard about this until I saw it at [quote]Another summer starts, and another anime convention finished. After working a hectic weekend in the Computer Gaming room at Project A-kon, I got a chance to sit down with three gentlemen from Obsidian Entertainment: Chris Avellone, J.E. Sawyer, and Shane Defreest. All of them are currently working on the next major computer based roleplaying title for the PC, Neverwinter Nights 2. These three men were happy to sit down with us and discuss the current development and some of the features for the game. As we all know, with sequels comes upgraded graphics and features, so I dove right in and tried to find out what exactly was new. The most major part of the changes is the interface. It is coded completely in XML and can be modified so that the player can get the information they want from it. The radial menu is gone, replaced by a a right click menu that shows the available actions that can be taken against the object. There is also a quickcast menu that allows you to very rapidly access your available spells, as well as use any spell conversion feats you might have (clerics and druids can give up a spell for a heal or nature spell as a class ability). You can also queue spells up on various targets with the interface. A fair bit of the data for the game is coded in XML in fact, allowing for easy adding of data and features (such as custom rules) by designers. The engine itself is still geared towards the D20 Fantasy setting, so for those of you were hoping to play a more modern setting, I'm sorry to say this engine will not meet your needs.[/quote] You can find the [b][u]full[/u][/b] interview [url=]here[/url].
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