Warcry @ Obsidian Parts I-III

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Published by Zach 15 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Here we have a short compilation of the three articles created by Warcry when they visited Obsidian entertainment. Thanks to NWN2News for bringing these articles to my attention. You can view all three articles by clicking these links: Part I, Part II, and Part III Part I: Toolset [quote] * Areas are 32x32 with each of those units being 9mx9m. When an object was placed in one unit for perspective’s sake, it illustrated the immensity of the area as a whole * Lighting is colored in both directions (reflective) * Shadows drop off in intensity, darkest next to the object and lighter the further away, for example * Absolute control over objects: x-y-z scaling and scaling does NOT have any effect on processor use * Placeables are: o Dynamic: can be interacted with and scripts can be assigned to them. Dynamic objects block paths o Static: these block pathing o Environmental: no interaction, walkmesh goes around them (unpathable) * Effects can be attached to most any object including placeables and NPCs * Characters are always visible since objects "blocking" the view of one’s character fade out to allow it to be seen. Additionally, the camera can be moved to allow for constant visuals of characters. * Water reflects all surrounding it including objects, spell effects, and environments. Water interacts with anything nearby. * Water in interior areas reflects the ceiling and walls. Conversely, it reflects onto the walls and objects * Water variants can be placed in any grid unit. For instance, a river in one, the riverbank marsh and a nearby pond can all be in adjoining units.[/quote] You can view the entire article here. Part II: General Info, PWs & the DM Client [quote]# Has coding been ‘locked down’? * NWN2 is feature complete then. It has been locked down in that respect. No new content is being added. It is in the bug testing and QA stage. # Has NWN 2 entered QA testing yet? * It has begun and will continue through ‘gold’ status. # Any updates on the system requirements? * No changes have been made to what’s been announced but the specs are still not “official” at this point but are still the best guide to what will be needed to run the game.[/quote] You can view the entire article here. Part III: Colors, Animations, Races & Classes [quote]Colors & Tinting In the Toolset I asked Ryan whether or not dragons' colors could be changed right out of the box. He decided to show rather than tell. In the creatures list, four dragons were listed and he opened one up (an ancient black) and we commenced to paint it with vibrant pinks and yellows to determine how much of the base color could be changed. Honestly, not much of the exposed skin color could be altered. Yet when we got to the armor, things really changed. Ryan played and applied colors all over the place. By the time we were finished, the dragon was hot pink with dazzling lime green highlights. Once we finished playing with the dragon, we pulled up a bugbear chief and changed his body hair to a shocking lemon yellow, though the effect had to be placed overall instead of in specific spots as with the dragon. It seems bugbears are somewhat monochromatic. We did change his belt and accessories to other colors. By the time we were finished, he was ... er ... unique. The ability to change colors and apply highlights right "out of the box" is huge and available right off the bat. The color palette is broad and the interface for choosing colors is very easy to use and apply to creatures and objects. As environmental artist Scott Everts told us at the beginning of the day, the toolset is the same one that the developers use. If it looks good in the game as created by the developers, it can be done by 'casual' users as well.[/quote] You can view the entire article here.
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