Asylum: A Bet, A Corpse

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This file updates Asylum: A Bet, A Corpse to version 1.2. Make sure to download the original version first!



Asylum: A Bet, A Corpse
Update to v1.2

[email protected]

---Install instructions---
Override your "old" Asylum01.mod with the file in this .zip-file. Asylum01.mod is usually stored in your modules-folder of My Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2.

An existing installation of Asylum is required to be able to play the module.

Christian Mayr,
25. 1. 2007


v1.2 (3. 2. 2007)
- hail to native speaker zonzai! a load of dialogue-fixes have been included!
- set the dc of madeleine's lock to 99
- corrected gender on conversation when entering the bedroom for the third time

v1.1 (25. 1. 2007)
- fixed bug with Keeper of the Keys: He won't tell you about wings instead of his conversation any longer ;-)
- fixed bug with cell: Sometimes Carroll's dialog didn't launch
- it was possible that the transition from a fading love back to the bedroom wasn't firing
- a fading love's dialog-line "Take the key to his / her heart!" is now gender-compatible ;-)
- In Anna's conversation the inappropiate "Dunno" has been replaced by a single "I don't know!"
- added a clearallactions to the transition-scripts (just to be sure)

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