Magic Staves

Magic Staves for NWN2-1133-1.7z


This mod is a collecton of 18 quaterstaff weapons, suited for use as magic staves. There are 8 tint-able models included, and 8 also include glow maps. All weapons include a set of 40x40 icons which can be used in game.



This set consists of 18 quarterstaff weapons suitable for use
in Neverwinter Nights 2. These include 8 tintable models and
8 with glow maps. There are also a set of matching icons for
use in game.

All of the models have been downloaded from the CadNav site
where they are licensed as "Free (Personal and Commercial)":

 * Blessed Staff of Breezes
 * Ceremonial magic staff
 * Crown staff
 * Defender ceremonial staff
 * Feather staff
 * Frontlines staff
 * High Elf Female Priest
 * Intrepid wizard staff
 * Long staff of Holy See
 * Phoenix staff
 * Prefect's staff of dedication
 * Staff of frozen hearts
 * Staff of Heaven's Light
 * Staff of victory
 * Sun and moon wizard staff
 * Superior wizard staff
 * Tempest great staff
 * Wooden mage staff

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