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This utility was posted with permission from the author. The author will post updates to this program here: http://nwvault.ign.com/View.php?...


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This utility was posted with permission from the author. The author will post updates to this program here: http://nwvault.ign.com/View.php?view=NWN2Tools.Detail&id=5 . Make sure to check that page for updates.

The problem with NWN2 PW worlds is , that the players have to download parts of the module before they login into the PW world.. And if the Builders of the PW server change or add an area inside of the module , must they update there local data as well.

In some cases means this , that the players have to update there local files each day.

This program should close the gap and gives the players and server admins a easy free solution for this problem.

The concept of this program is a download in two steps.

You download first only a small Ini-file, with a list of all necessary files. This List includes a MD5 checksum + the Download URL for the file.

The program will now check with the MD5 checksum all local files. So it can notice outdated and missing files.

After this can the program download the missing files with an mouse click.

This works for the module files as well as Hak files or other changes inside of the NWN2 folders.

This Package includes several files.

for the players ---- A GUI Program so you can start the download easy. (NWN2_Audolo.exe)

for the server admins --- A DOS Program, so you can generate the necessary INI file. (CreateNWN2_DM_MD5.exe) This should be added to a DOS Batch system , so you do all the necessary steps at once. I have added a example Batch that runs on my server , so you only need to adjust it to your local server. ----

I have setup a working system on the server of our PW , so you can test it and see all the things in action.

((My test module isn’t very good yet. This is mainly to demonstrate the technique.))

Pro: * You don’t need to release your module all few days. Just work on your module your players always get the latest version.

* They player can’t miss an update. They can’t install the files to a wrong folder.

* The players will just download the missing files! This will be a big plus, when the PW modules reach a size of 100+ Mbytes.

* The program is supporting the 7z Format and can decompress this files during the download. ( The 7z Format is smaller than the rar format !)

Con: You need some web space for the files somewhere. This must be a place with an fix URL. This can be a FTP or a normal Web server.

Installing the Download Program on a Game PC:

Unzip it and place the files in your Main directory of NWN2

You need to start the program : NWN2_Audolo.exe Select the test address from the combo box and press the first Button.

I hope you will see the rest on your own

This is a C# 2.0 program , so you need the .Net Framework from Microsoft. You already own this version, if you use the toolset.

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