NHL 96 Patch

One of two official patches for NHL 96.


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One of two official patches for NHL 96.

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Download 'nhl96.zip' (710KB)

Thank you for purchasing NHL Hockey 96.  Enclosed is a patch disk that will fix some  
problems that you may come across while playing the game.  Please follow the install 
instructions below to install the patch to NHL 96.  Once again thank you for your continued 
support of Electronic Arts and if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to 
contact us again.

1.  If you have installed the NHL 96 game, delete the directory from your hard drive.
	A. To do this, from the drive where you installed the game (probably C:\)
	      Type: DELTREE NHL96 [ENTER]-- Answer YES to delete directory and all contents.

2.  Install the NHL96 game onto your hard drive.

3. After installing NHL96 onto your hard drive, insert the NHL96 patch disk into drive A:.
	A. After inserting the disk into drive A:,  type: A: [ENTER].
	B. At the A:\  type: COPY A:\NHL96.EXE C:\NHL96  [ENTER].
	C. From the C:\NHL96 prompt, type: NHL96 [ENTER].
	D. When you are asked if you want to overwrite NHL96.EXE, Press Y. 

4.  You are now ready to play NHL96. Type HOCKEY at the C:\NHL96 Prompt to start the game.                    
Thank you for purchasing  EA Sports NHL96.

Electronic Arts Technical Support
P.O. Box 7578
San Mateo, CA 94403-7578

Telephone: 415-572-2787

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