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Modifications Asteroid Debris

This is a simple but pretty cool mod that both stops debris from asteroids despawning, and also changing the way they spin, making the effec...


Modifications Fast Analysis for ABYSS (Faster Scanning)

This mod reduces the time taken to scan flora, fauna, etc. with the analysis visor, it cuts down the time to just 0.5 seconds.


Modifications Better Landings

Spaceship landings in No Man's Sky have always look a bit silly, just dropping to the ground at 10+ feet. This mod aims to make landings...


Modifications Tessellation Fix for Visions 1.77

This mod doubles tessellation values for x and y values, decreases z values by .1 to give an overall more subtle and realistic effect to the...


Modifications Just a little torch mod

This mod expands the torch FOV just a bit (100-->115), increases the brightness ever so slightly (4.0-->4.2; any brighter and reflecti...


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