LithTech Talon - Goodman Tech Demo

Lithtech Goodman Techdemo.zip


A non-playable demo from 2000 to show off Monolith's Lithtech 2.0 (Talon) engine. The demo contains a scene where a character from The Operative: No One Lives Forever, Tom Goodman, is dancing in a disco to the NOLF theme song.



October 3, 2000

This is a tech demo designed to show some of the LithTech 3DGOS animation capabilities.

The "Goodman" model is 1196 polygons. The reflective floor he is standing on doubles the polycount, bringing it to a near total of 2400 polygons just for the model display (world geometry not counted).

LithTech combines a Weighted Skeletal Animation System with Animation Blending to simulate hundreds of realistic movements such as enemies getting in and out of 
chairs, picking up weapons, or opening doors (or even dancing!).

The music that the character "Goodman" (from the PC game No One Lives Forever) 
is dancing to is generated via Direct Music and is originaly from the PC game 
"No One Lives Forever." 

You can tweak the demo's performance from the in-application menu options.

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