No One Lives Forever v1.001 Patch



The first official patch for The Operative: No One Lives Forever.




Below is the complete Readme from NOLFUpdate001 for your convenience.


Update to Version 1.001
December 07, 2000



This release will update the English version 1.0 of No One Lives Forever (NOLF) to version 1.001. A future International Update will be released to update non-English versions of NOLF 1.0 to version 1.001. All updates contain a combination of bug fixes and new features, which are outlined in their respective Readme docs.

In addition, a separate Content Update which includes new multiplayer maps will be released shortly. In order to insure the new maps play as intended, you will need to first download the base Update. 

*PLEASE NOTE* Save games from version 1.0 will NOT work after this update is installed. However, it will be possible to restart the last mission completed.


To install the update, click on the archive and extract the files to a temporary directory of your choosing. The default path is c:\NOLFUpdate. Once the extraction is complete, explore to the directory and click on setup.exe. Finish the installation wizard to complete the update. 


* Fixed a potential crash on exit bug as well as crashes that sometimes occur when moving between Singleplayer and Multiplayer.

* Fixed memory fragmentation issues which may have caused crashes and slow downs after playing for long periods of time.

* Fixed a bug where the player inventory was not always saved correctly after being knocked out. This insures if you go back to play a level, that you have all available weapons/gadgets that you have collected.

* Added the ability to review Intelligence items you have collected via a new Intelligence Gallery (by popular request!).

* Fixed a bug in single player where shooting an unalert enemy twice, even with silenced weapons, could alert other AI in the vicinity to your presence. This bug was making stealth missions more difficult than intended. In this update, silenced shots which hit and kill an unalert AI never alert other AI in the area making stealth easier and more intuitive for many players.

* Fixed a bug that allowed the coin to fall through many surfaces in the game, thereby making it impossible for the player to retrieve. This bug should be 100% fixed on flat surfaces, but the coin may still "trickle down" certain ramps and disappear.

* Fixed an unreachable Intelligence item on the space station, which prevented players from getting a perfect score in every level.

* The Body Remover can now be mapped to a weapon hotkey.

* Changed the "Always Run" Toggle to toggle default movement (Run or Walk) and changed the "Run" key to toggle the opposite of the default. This will allow players who choose "walk" as their default movement mode to run when the button is held down, and vice-versa. The names of these controls in the options menu have also been changed for clarity. "Run" is now "Toggle run/walk", and "Run/walk toggle" has been changed to "Toggle Always Run."

* Added better caching of weapon special fx to cut down on stuttering (e.g. when hit by a cyanide bullet, game pauses while loading floating goats).

* Added more informative "Disconnected from Server" messages.

* Fixed a bug where double clicking on the arrows to scroll through available servers in the multiplayer "join" menu would join the server that's currently highlighted. 

* Added the server's IP address and version number to the game option section of the multiplayer "join" menu. 

* Fixed a bug that allows low ping players to photograph Intelligence items multiple times.

* Fixed a multiplayer bug that sometimes caused a player's armor display to not show up correctly.

* Fixed a bug that allows low ping players to score multiple kills when they run over someone on the snowmobile or motorcycle. 

* Added a dialogue box that appears when a player attempts to join a server that's running a different version of the game. 

* A "View Options" command has been added to multiplayer escape menu. This will allow clients to see all of the current server's settings. 

* Added a dialog box to indicate that a server is no longer available. This will come up when you try to join a server that has been shut down since the last time you used the "refresh server" option. 

* Fixed a bug where players in a multiplayer game could use the Escape key to "Teleport" across the map after grabbing a weapon or powerup.

* Attempted to fix game freezes with players using the Diamond MX300 (Aureal Vortex2 Chipset). Unfortunately, we have determined this is a DirectX and/or driver issue. We're working with Microsoft on a solution. In the meantime, players who encounter this bug can still play the game by turning off DirectMusic in the Advanced options section of the launcher. 

* Chat text in multiplayer now word-wraps.

* Other long messages now also word wrap.

* Fixed bug with Weapon Stay weapons only giving you the default ammo (not the ammo specified by the level designer).

* Updated weapon powerups so you can pick up the ammo in them (if you run out of that ammo type) even if you have the weapon.

We'd like to extend our heartfelt thanks to those gamers who are helping each other by answering support questions on the forum, particularly those hard to track down hardware and driver issues that plague all PC games!


For the latest news, technical support and information on future updates, please visit the following websites.

The Official Site

The Official Community Site

FOX Interactive

Monolith Productions

For the latest news on compatibility issues and successful workarounds, please check out the FAQs at The-operative.com and Nolfnews.com. 

As work progresses on future updates, we'll be updating the NOLF Team Plan file at Lith.com. Thanks for playing and we'll see you online!

EXTRA NOTE: The 0 ping bug listed in previous PLAN files did not pass testing, so we'll be looking into this for the next update which will be focused on multiplayer.


The NOLF Team

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