Operation Flashpoint

How would you handle a Cold War crisis? You may be dead before you hear the gunfire. Operation Flashpoint is the total conflict simulator where everything happens for real – including the speed of sou...

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
cjStarpack7B cj 15.14MB 20
cjTMPFinalB cj 9.48MB 23
cjSTXIbeta Guest 9.63MB 23
Texel HighWire 9.08MB 184
DX 9 Modes Snow and Rain Clouds MICRO_CHIP 1.88MB 214
DX-10 For Operation Flashpoint GOTY MICRO_CHIP 92.48MB 336
Starship_Troopers_Mod MICRO_CHIP 16.87MB 264
Labyrinth Danoffski 1.38MB 67
spacemod pack 1.42B goth_burner 156.6MB 626
CJSTXIalpha Guest 7.12MB 28
cjD7ofppack Guest 13.92MB 68
TOS ship pack Guest 9.13MB 220
WeaponsOfMasSeduction Danoffski 197KB 381
REDresistance Danoffski 56.58MB 323
Mission- The Chase Dominator 7KB 303
Luftangriff der Russen Sturmtruppe 7.15MB 169
Operation Flashpoint: Extinction #1 horrorguy666 77.21MB 955
Gerou war PATRIOT_dpni 177KB 478
Lincoln Town Car White Convertible ColKlink52 1.78MB 808
Lincoln Town Car Black Convertible ColKlink52 1.8MB 1295
Royal Aircraft Factory SE5A WWI ColKlink52 1.33MB 717
DMA European Resistance Dynamic Mission Alliance 7.12MB 980
House Divided House Divided Team 80.85MB 304
Australians in Vietnam - Trailer 1 Bohemia Interactive 54.78MB 526
Balkan Crisis Blacknite 2.51MB 1976
Resistance Attack Guest 5KB 533
James Bond Teaser Blacknite 2.31MB 441
Operation Flashpoint 5 Year Anniversary Assets Bohemia Interactive 39.63MB 531
Unsung Demo II Unsung Mod 162.56MB 1255
Face textures for Llauma 2.0 Head Model Agent_Smith 14.69MB 3224
MODUL Sky MODUL 4.41MB 2717
COLD STEEL karantan 4.7MB 803
The Rock Blacknite 1.43MB 1126
Battle of the Bulge Blacknite 109KB 2173
Landing - XBOX Operation Flashpoint:Elite Video Capture maxqubit 119.66MB 223
Airwolf Helicopter V1.0 Beta Airwolf PL 17.07MB 6573
Ikar Mirage 2000 IkaR 6.53MB 1405
Ikar F-14 IkaR 5.15MB 1785
Rafale IkaR 3.31MB 1542
American Civil War Mod American Civil War Team 55.53MB 6755
Everon Defence Forces Soldiers Pack Ironsight / Offtime 9.91MB 1078
UKF L96 A1 Project UFK 5.45MB 1467
Engage at Will FTA mod 9.57MB 213
SAD Chechen SADDAM 5.21MB 957
SFP Zodiac AgentFox2 380KB 1224
Praxtor Casa C 101 Praxtor 1.91MB 619
WGL Texture Replacement Pack Q 131.19MB 2727
Pierre's F14 Top Gun Video Pierre 35.31MB 411
Sdkfz 302 Goliath Berlin 45 Mod Team 614KB 960