Bohemia Interactive's Sequals: PC Gamer's First Look

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Published by Reven 17 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
[b]Kieron Gillen[/b] from [b]PC Gamer UK[/b] has written a first look preview at what is to come from Bohemia Interactive. This is extremely worth the read if you can get your hands on PC Gamer UK [quote]Similarly, old limitations have been removed. [i]Flashpoint[/i] was famous for its horrific collision detection inside buildings; but no more. Forests were originally created as single map objects, meaning they were strictly limited in terms of how you could interact. Now, they're made out of individual trees, which can be knocked down when you get in a suitably armoured vehicle. The improved engine means that Bohemia can also increase the density of the foliage, resulting in some surprisingly thick forests. They can also be integrated with buildings, so that you can have a cottage in the middle of the woods. Inland lakes are another welcome addition to the world, and hills now cast shadows. The new campaign, on an equally new island, has been created to showcase the improved features of the engine. It's much larger and more detailed than Everon and previous worlds. Codenamed Sara, it's going to feature dense woodlands and as big an urban environment as the game can take. Also, there's a whole new story to play through. While the game island is fictional, made of jig-sawed satellite images of Eastern Europe, it has a politically resonant background. The island's despotic North has been threatening the democratic South, which is under US protection. The US, believing the threat has passed, have started pulling out which point an attack occurs.[/quote] Quote from an article by Kieron Gillen, PC Gamer UK Edition. [url=""][/url] Disclaimer: this passage is intended solely for informative and non-profit purposes. To sum up the passage, we can expect dynamic campaigns that react to your actions and massive graphical advances. The infamous collision detection in Operation Flashpoint has been fixed. You really need to read it, though, to get the full picture.
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