Codemaster's Operation Flashpoint 2

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The [b]Codemasters Community Liaison Officer[/b] posted in the Codemasters Community Forum that Codemasters will [b]NOT[/b] be working with BIS on Operation Flashpoint 2. They have not released the name of the new developer yet, and BIS is without a publisher still. [quote]Operation Flashpoint fans are hardcore military fans....they are the people that love realism, decent core gameplay and an involving storyline....we know that. Now to make a BF42 clone for the Flashpoint community which has built up over the lat 5 years would be the most inappropriate thing a company could do, plus insulting to top it off. Flashpoint 2 will be a Flashpoint game for Flashpoint fans, period. We want to bring the game on to the next generation of realism and immersiveness. We have alot of feedback from the community about what they want to see in the game and this has been incorporated in our Design and Development process and we will deliver on the promise. I personally cannot comment on the BIS game and won't start a playground argument about it. I have a good relationship with Placebo and wish to maintain that. Oh and that interview from last year, well that's on one of 3 dictaphone tapes of other interviews taken by Claire, who unfortunately left. I have no idea which tape it not really that much of a conspiracy theory....just disorganised filing :P[/quote] You can view the post in [url=""]This[/url] thread. Good luck to BIS and Codemasters on their games.
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