Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

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Mods Operation Flashpoint 2 Missions v2

Here is the second map of my campaign its more difficult than the first because there was a bug in.


Mods 'Rogue Star' PLA Campaign

Perspective. Enjoy Version 6, FULL Release!


Mods OFPDR: Multiplayer Map Pack 1.02

helicopters to play with. Soldiers equipped with .50 cals and M21 sniper rifles Beach Defense: Fight on a narrow strip of beach and practic...


Mods Soliders

united forces, both heading to the radio station, plenty of green grass an cover, but no ammo creates.. you have to use what you can find, G...


Mods open field

another map open field.. not sure if anyone has these 2 files working..(open field & soldiers) add me Lt.downsy as i want to play with someo...


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Mods Take The Car

contains many new features for the mission including randomized patrol paths to ensure that every time you play, you'll always have a differ...


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Mods Take The Car

are many ways you plan play this mission, be it by yourself as you try to achieve perfect stealth as you move for the car, you could try to...


Mods Squad Level Tactics v1.3 final

you will finda file called "Campaign.zip".Extract the file from that folder into the soslt folder to enablethe campaign....


Mods SARM Coop Map

Aswell as destroying the two SAM's the Radar site is also of key importance to our later actions within Skira. After all key targets have be...


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Mods Two Fast Mission

keep looking for more of my maps.


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Mods Dragon Down Demo

really action packed.Enjoy, inform me of any addons I should include in your coments and keep an eye out for more demos or the real deal.


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Mods Another Demo Mission

and keep an eye out for the major verion or other demos.Enjoy


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Mods Another Demo

version up and running, so please be patient.Hope you enjoy, keep me informed on any extras I should add and keep watch for the real deal or...


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Mods travel guide



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Mods DR campaign remake

ai-large area with up to 6 locations-great fire mission options-non linear gameplay-action, strategy and tacticsmission overviewPrologue te...


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Mods Saquad Level Tactics Endgame

attempt to complete several dynamic mission objectives. This mission offers a completely dynamic tactical gaming experience. With random wea...