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Vehicles AT-T (heavy artillery tractor)

Soviet Heavy Artillery TractorFeatures:- The ability to tow other vehicles using a cable.Note: by default, the script contains all default c...


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STGN Black OPS beta

US Special Force Soldier in Woodland Camouflage by STGN. BETA


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Patches Russian Patch

This patch will make your texts in OFP to Russian. You need this patch for many Russian campaigns (for axample Bloody Street). All texts in...


Aircraft Yugoslavian Mi-8

Mi-8 Yugoslavian Version. It's really funny vehicle. See screenshot.


Aircraft Serbian Hot Air Balloon

Well I wasn't expecting this , a hot air balloon , it's different to say the lest. Enjoy. This is Serbian Balloon. Very exciting...


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Campaigns Street (Russian Version)

Not much to say about this , more things from akiman94 about this street addon. Enjoy. Campaign Street on Russian language. You ne...


Units Modern Serbian Army

At ease soldiers! Here we have a unit addon for OFPR based on Serbian soldiers, now I don't know anything about them personally so I can...


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Other Addons for "BLOODY STREET"

More addons for street, enjoy. You will need these Addons for campaign Bloody Street. Who translate Bloody Street on English, I wi...


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Weapons Mosseberg M500

This is a Shotgun. You will need this gun to Mafia Pack.


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Other Addons for campaign "STREET"

You will need these Addons for campaign Street.


Missions Big Invasion (Final)

Mission: Capture the town defended by German Waffen SS and Wehrmacht. Save British tanks to capture German HQ. Find enemy Panzerschrecks...


Weapons M91 Sniper Rifle

This is Yugoslavian weapon - yugoslavian SNIPER! It great looks like. You can also see the screenshot. There is nothing more to say. Downloa...


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Weapons BKM M4A1

New OFP Weapon. Great weapon. Download it now.


Units Serbian Sokolovi Units

Sokolovi units! New AddOn. New GREAT AddOn. These are Serbian Special Forces fighting against Albanian units and against Croatians. You need...


Units Serbian JSO Units

These are Serbian Special Forces. You need BKM Weapon Pack for this AddOn. Great units at East side. Nothing more to say. Download it now, a...


Units Croatian Army

Croatian Soldiers Pack! Very nice AddOn. You will need BKM Weapon Pack, it is on this site. Nothing more to say. Download it and see what el...


Vehicles Balkan BMP Pack

Balkan BMP Pack (Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian and Yugoslavian). Four Different BMP's. They are used in Yugoslavian civil war (1991-1995). Ver...


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Stargate MoD (1.0 BETA)

Ok, this is basically Plug-N-Play. All you need to do is do what the readme says and use the example missions. It's real easy.


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Other Stargate MoD

Alrighty, I guess this is your Christmas present this year guys. Here we have a stargate mod for everyone to enjoy. Ok, this is b...


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Other HSSounds

I could of sworn there was a version of this somewhere on the site , either way. Enjoy. Alrighty folks, I have hunted down the sou...


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