Operation Flashpoint: Resistance

Operation Flashpoint: Resistance casts the player as Victor Troska, an experienced ex-Special Forces militia soldier. Having turned his back on his military past, Troska has settled into a respectable...

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PDCE dynamic Coop 462KB 21
Russian Patch 1.44MB 6
Yugoslavian Mi-8 1.93MB 19
Serbian Hot Air Balloon 301KB 29
Street (Russian Version) 916KB 13
Modern Serbian Army 19.32MB 42
Addons for "BLOODY STREET" 18.56MB 14
Mosseberg M500 306KB 39
Addons for campaign "STREET" 5.65MB 24
bowerys mission enhancement pack 13.44MB 0
Base-Security (Vietnam) 5KB 52
Big Invasion (Final) 37.4MB 150
M91 Sniper Rifle 234KB 219
BKM M4A1 588KB 143
Serbian Sokolovi Units 463KB 89
Serbian JSO Units 1.53MB 120
Croatian Army 1.37MB 136
Balkan BMP Pack 6.61MB 202
Stargate MoD 4.64MB 356
HSSounds 6.92MB 54
Yugoslavian Federal Army 4.23MB 267
BKM Weapon Pack 2.05MB 284
Albanian Terrorists 1.11MB 303
The final Battle in Saving Private Ryan(MP) 4KB 210
D-Day 6KB 321
Mafia Pack 2.21MB 322
Bloody Street 2.35MB 241
GruntONE 6.89MB 245
Assualt 5.2 14KB 425
Assualt 5.2- DEMO 8KB 87
Street 1.77MB 424
FFUR SLX 2007 2.5 Config Update 174KB 487
KJ's Mission Pack 78KB 286
Attack on Lorengau 10KB 222
FFUR 1985 (2008 Edition) 515.21MB 2642
FFUR-SLX 2007 Patch (New Version) 192.73MB 2413
WW1 Mod 117.79MB 1479
4Eyes GRAA Mod Patch 3.67MB 268
Mission- Ghost Squad 6KB 319
JeepW18 9.32MB 385
OFP Alert 632KB 288
FFUR-SLX 2007 528.68MB 8710
Terror (Nogova) 586KB 1114
GRAA modpack 63.18MB 2162
FFUR - SLX Patch 59.94MB 1497
Airwolf Mod Complete Pack 243.36MB 4999
MAS AH-64A/D Apache Longbow 21.39MB 2344
MAS F/A-18E/F Super Hornet 8.34MB 2180
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code blue team needs your help Guest 27th February 2009
Dantheman: "New Major Mod coming for OFP(Preview #1)" Guest 10th October 2008
Red Hammer Studios Addons - An Explanation Guest 13th December 2006
BI Forums back up Guest 23rd November 2006
BI Forums Down Guest 22nd November 2006
ADF Mod Update Guest 17th November 2006
Tonal Second Edition Guest 10th November 2006
IM:UC Mod update Guest 9th November 2006
IMPORTANT! Stargate Addons Deleted Guest 1st November 2006
FFUR 2006 Patch Info Guest 19th October 2006