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Vehicles AT-T (heavy artillery tractor)

Soviet Heavy Artillery TractorFeatures:- The ability to tow other vehicles using a cable.Note: by default, the script contains all default c...


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STGN Black OPS beta

US Special Force Soldier in Woodland Camouflage by STGN. BETA


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Missions PDCE dynamic Coop

The Partisan Dynamic Coop Engine is a dynamic coop mission based on the Coin Coop Engine (CCE) by Tacrod, choose from 11 mission types fight...


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Patches Russian Patch

This patch will make your texts in OFP to Russian. You need this patch for many Russian campaigns (for axample Bloody Street). All texts in...


Aircraft Yugoslavian Mi-8

Mi-8 Yugoslavian Version. It's really funny vehicle. See screenshot.


Aircraft Serbian Hot Air Balloon

Well I wasn't expecting this , a hot air balloon , it's different to say the lest. Enjoy. This is Serbian Balloon. Very exciting...


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Campaigns Street (Russian Version)

Not much to say about this , more things from akiman94 about this street addon. Enjoy. Campaign Street on Russian language. You ne...


Units Modern Serbian Army

At ease soldiers! Here we have a unit addon for OFPR based on Serbian soldiers, now I don't know anything about them personally so I can...


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Other Addons for "BLOODY STREET"

More addons for street, enjoy. You will need these Addons for campaign Bloody Street. Who translate Bloody Street on English, I wi...


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Weapons Mosseberg M500

This is a Shotgun. You will need this gun to Mafia Pack.


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Other Addons for campaign "STREET"

You will need these Addons for campaign Street.


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Other bowerys mission enhancement pack

with the bowery's mission enhancement pack mission editors have new cinematic intros and outros for missions, in mission music, title music...


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Missions Base-Security (Vietnam)

This is a little Mission i made :) ONLY USEABLE WITH VTE MOD!!! Much fun with this little Miss :D


Missions Big Invasion (Final)

Mission: Capture the town defended by German Waffen SS and Wehrmacht. Save British tanks to capture German HQ. Find enemy Panzerschrecks...


Weapons M91 Sniper Rifle

This is Yugoslavian weapon - yugoslavian SNIPER! It great looks like. You can also see the screenshot. There is nothing more to say. Downloa...


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Weapons BKM M4A1

New OFP Weapon. Great weapon. Download it now.


Units Serbian Sokolovi Units

Sokolovi units! New AddOn. New GREAT AddOn. These are Serbian Special Forces fighting against Albanian units and against Croatians. You need...


Units Serbian JSO Units

These are Serbian Special Forces. You need BKM Weapon Pack for this AddOn. Great units at East side. Nothing more to say. Download it now, a...


Units Croatian Army

Croatian Soldiers Pack! Very nice AddOn. You will need BKM Weapon Pack, it is on this site. Nothing more to say. Download it and see what el...


Vehicles Balkan BMP Pack

Balkan BMP Pack (Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian and Yugoslavian). Four Different BMP's. They are used in Yugoslavian civil war (1991-1995). Ver...


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Stargate MoD (1.0 BETA)

Ok, this is basically Plug-N-Play. All you need to do is do what the readme says and use the example missions. It's real easy.


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Other Stargate MoD

Alrighty, I guess this is your Christmas present this year guys. Here we have a stargate mod for everyone to enjoy. Ok, this is b...


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Other HSSounds

I could of sworn there was a version of this somewhere on the site , either way. Enjoy. Alrighty folks, I have hunted down the sou...


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Units Yugoslavian Federal Army

Yugoslavian Federal Army, in war against Albanian terrorists in 1998, in Kosovo war. I am planing a NEW CAMPAIGN


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Weapons BKM Weapon Pack

You will need this Add-On for Yugoslavian Federal Army. These are Serbian Weapons (Kragujevac). For example, weapons are: M70, M70 +...


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Units Albanian Terrorists

Enjoy. Albanian Terrorists who are fighting against Serbian Militia in Kosovo


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Missions The final Battle in Saving Private Ryan(MP)

Not much to say other then if you liked the movie and want to reenact or change the outcome online with friends , download now! Hi...


Missions D-Day

Alrighty , not anything really special here just a mission for the WWII collection pack, enjoy. Hello Filefront. This is my first...


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An interesting idea for a campaign , lets see how it will play out. For a video preview a click here http://operationflashpoint.filefront.c...


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A video preview for the above listed file. Take a look if you are interested , but it might be easier to download the missions and try them...


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Units Mafia Pack

I'm not really sure what this is besides mafia based units for game play , but enjoy. You will need this file for the most of campai...


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Campaigns Bloody Street

Not much to say about this one besides, enjoy! Simply, if you played campaign Street (It's on this site, too), and you like it, do...


Campaigns GruntONE

Now I must say this is an interesting idea for a campaign , going from a lowly mafia member to working as a member the military. Enjoy....


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Missions Assualt 5.2

If you are now wondering, yes, this is the final version of the mission and I please advise you to download this instead of the demo...


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Missions Assualt 5.2- DEMO

This is just a DEMO of my upcoming mission that will be better than my other two I've made before, just download it, play it and see...


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Campaigns Street

This is campaign Street, a mafia campaign. Very cool campaign. Just download it. See screenshots. You're player named as "Nick" in the Nogov...


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Full Releases FFUR SLX 2007 2.5 Config Update

Before I continue, this file needs to go into the directory(assuming its the default) C:Program FilesCodemastersOperation [email protected]


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Missions KJ's Mission Pack

These missions take place during 1985 Operation Flashpoint and 1981 OFP:Resistance. There are Five missions total all of them work and ar...


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Missions Attack on Lorengau

A seek and destroy FFUR 85 mission on tonal island, where you have to clear the town of lorengau. 2 squads + 2 bradlies vs 4 russian squads...


Mods FFUR 1985 (2008 Edition)

This is the latest (possibly last) FFUR mod for OFP. This mod was chosen by the community from several options and the aim of this mod is to...


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Mods FFUR-SLX 2007 Patch (New Version)

This is the latest patch for the excellent FFUR-SLX 2007 2.0 total conversion mod. Thunderbird84 has fixed several bugs and added some new m...


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Mods WW1 Mod

ProfTournesol has recently released his WW1 mini mod which is a first for OFP. The mod contains a wide variety of units from British Army, A...


Mods 4Eyes GRAA Mod Patch

Today we have a 'mod for a mod' by Walter_E_Kurtz. This little patch is for Sanctuary's excellent GRAA mod which enhances the game with new...


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Missions Mission- Ghost Squad

Here is a mission from the young man "Dominator" , enjoy. Description: Ok people this is my first ever addon I've made but it i...


Vehicles JeepW18

Wingsken says: The Jurassic park ranger jeep nr18 This is a part of the jurassic parkmod i'm building. Consider it as a small previ...


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ECP 1.085e (TGS)

ECP 1.085e mod folder with DMA Animations added. Used on thegraveyradshift.net OFP server. http://www.thegraveyardshift.net


Utilities OFP Alert

Be alerted anywhere and silently via your Mobile Phone as soon as an OFP Mission is finished: Never miss the next game start again! OFPAl...


Mods FFUR-SLX 2007

Once more Thunderbird84 has given the OFP community a true gift here. FFUR-SLX 2.0 , for anyone who doesn't know what this is , it is the...


Missions Terror (Nogova)

You are an officer investigating a bomb attack in this single player mission. You talk to a couple of leads and then finally head into the t...


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Full Releases GRAA modpack

Today we have the GRAA modpack version 3, now there isn't much to say about this besides, if you loved the other 2 you'll love this one as...


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Mods FFUR - SLX Patch

Here we have the 1.05 patch for the excellent FFUR - SLX Mod. This patch mainly fixes bugs and tweaks the config values however the artiller...


Mods Airwolf Mod Complete Pack

This is the final release of the Airwolf mod for OFPR, the complete pack is a sort of goodbye from the team. Hopefully they will return for...


Aircraft MAS AH-64A/D Apache Longbow

Alrighty here we have another lovely air craft from MAS , this one being the AH-64A/D Longbow. Like the other MAS addons this one is also v...


Aircraft MAS F/A-18E/F Super Hornet

Alrighty , here we have the F/A-18 Super hornet from MAS Productions. While I am not a personal fan of the Super Hornet or Hornet fighter/bo...


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Units MAS Helicopter Pilots

Here we have a group of pilots from MAS Productions based off of Hyakushiki's infantry package, so you know they look good. They are need...


Mods FFUR - SLX 2007 Patch

This patch for FFUR/SLX 2007 fixes many glitches and adds some new features and addons. Fixed: Grenades don't make vehicles fly. Fix...


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The Forest v1.71 - WGL

OFP The Forest mission, for WGL 5.0 or above.


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Mods The Forest v1.7

Operation Flashpoint Resistance mission titled The Forest. It's a frightening night in a cursed forest...


Missions Police Patrol

You are a member of a Police Patrol unit moving towards Vidlakov to make sure everything is alright. It's a quiet night and most civilians...


Islands Replacement Desert Island

This file replaces the desert island (intro island) with a different island. This island is completely COVERED in grass, so this may affect...


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