Dantheman: "New Major Mod coming for OFP(Preview #1)"

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A quote from Dantheman [quote] The name is: Ultimate Flashpoint Mod Keep your eyes peeled. There is a new major mod coming for OFP:R. It will be fusing together all the best aspects of many mods as well as a lot of my own work. After being requested, there will be some nice new features in this. A list of some to begin with: ECS mod FFUR SLX RHS other welded mods and much of my own work This mod will use FFUR SLX as its base. You will of course need to download this and have it patched to 2.5. After all, I cant make a 3.5 GB installer. That is right.....3.5 GB. This mod is going to be massive. One of the requests I have had is that the AI in FFUR SLX is way to hard to beat, and that it be made to where the CWC campaign is playable. That will be one of the aspects I focus on. The next thing that I will discuss, is air power. Aircraft play a large and important role in modern combat, and for this mod to be taken to the next step of realness, this will be another major focus area. Before, Helicopters would fly in and destroy a convoy and be done with it. It wont work like that now. Now you will need to use skill to either fight in or against an aircraft. Yet another large focus area will be infantry. Infantry are, of course, the backbone of every army. No army can rely completely on tanks and aircraft. The infantry now, will be much more in depth. If you shoot them in the chest will a small caliber bullet(such as from a M9 pistol) and they have body armor, unless they are really unfortunate, they wont be hurt by it. You will need to aim for an unprotected body part to injure them unless you are using a high caliber weapon. Work is well under way, and I am taking a one week vacation for relaxation out of town, but when I return, I will resume work. I welcome all comments and suggestions.[/quote]
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