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Due to legal issues I have no choice but to delete the Stargate Addons on OFPFiles. MGM have pointed out that it is illegal for us to host the Stargate addons as we have advertising on this site which means "we make money from their copyright." However a site with no advertising can host these files, but Im not 100% sure on this as the current situation is pretty confusing. was the OFP site that was contacted by MGM lawyers and they promised that that legal action would be taken against them if they did not remove the files and make sure that other OFP sites followed suit. I can't clarify any of this as OFPFiles has not received anything from MGM about the situation, however this statement has came froma reliable source, Mr Burns from so I did as he requested.
To all admins of OFP websites that hosted/linked/mentioned Stargate Worlds and related addons at any time in the past has been admonished by MGM's lawyers. MGM is owner of the trademark "Stargate" and its many applications. In the letter from their lawyers we were asked to give a list of all websites that linked to Stargate Worlds mod. The consequences of not adhering to their request would be a court trial, which is not an option for us. The consequences would financially ruin every single one of us involved in No insurance will cover it, either. Our only choice is to create this list of websites, so I ask you this and I beg you to read carefully and consider the consequences, should you choose to ignore this topic: The best way for everyone involved (that is, for everyone who ever mentioned this Stargate mod on his/her website) is to delete all entrys related to stargate and notify us, including your domain name under which the content was deleted. You can keep the files, just delete all references to them and make sure nobody can access them. Now this may seem drastic to many of you, but before you tell us about freedom of press or the questionable legal grounds of this request, please read on: The current state of legislation has it, that the link to such fan-created material will be considered profit-oriented if there is any kind of advertisement on the same page as the link. The owner of the domain or however hosts/maintains the website is therefore guilty of making profits with copyrighted material. This is a legal fact. Freedom of press will not cover this. So unless you are perfectly sure that your website has no ads and no outbound links that could be considered ads you should do this. We didn't come up with this, our lawyer did. We already paid more than 2000€ on this lawyer and every admin who ever published content about Stargate Worlds is facing similar if not higher costs. Again, we have to mention every website in this list and MGM's lawyers will most likely search each site. If you delete all the debatable Stargate content, you will be fine. Otherwise you might receive a letter very soon. On the 31. of this month we will send a list of all website that published Stargate content. Please, delete all references to Stargate Worlds until then. Do not ask us about the content of the letters we received from MGM, we will not be able to answer your questions since it is condifential and will get us into even more trouble. !!! Do not debate the legal grounds either, we are no lawyers and we will not be able to anwser any questions. However a lawyer came up with this solution and if there were any other ways out of this we would know and tell you !!! We hope you understand why we have to tell them about all the websites. If we could buy ourselves out of this we'd much rather do that, but we do not have such a choice. Also we're sorry that the creations of several very talented community members are discredited in such a way. Again, it's not our intention, we simply do not have another option.
To finish off I will quote a Simpsons episode: Wiggum: You're luckey, you destroyed nothing except attorneys. Lawyer: Remeber me... as a drain on society.
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