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The guys from [url=""][/url] have recently released an interview that they had conducted with the team members from [url=""]WW2EC[/url], disscusing some of the projects that the WW2EC team is currently working on. Here's a snippet taken from the interview: [quote]Q: What is your main project now? Is this a whole MOD, or just a campaign + few addons? Our main project is to provide the community with 3 nations packs working around what we call the wwIIec core system, which makes all these units compatible with each others; So this is going to be US, Commonwealth and German packs. This is going to be more than just a few addons + campaigns, it's not going to be only infantry but a whole set of vehicles, guns, tanks and high quality infantry + weapon. Our work is mainly focused on Normandy 1944 (refered as late war E.T.O) and early war (the blitzkrieg period). Eventually we plan to cover M.T.O with desert troops and winter troops too. As you can see in the screenshots, our infantry will be flexible enough to fulfill the mission maker’s needs. So that is the main lines for the ground forces, now for the aviation community, Trenchfeet is working a lot around plane features and compatibility.[/quote] You can find the full interview [url=""]here[/url], along with some screenshots of their work.
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